February 24, 2018

Write for ThinkNice.com

Write for ThinkNice.com… We’re Always Looking for Good Writers and Articles.

We welcome and encourage all our readers to create and submit unique, interesting, and most of all funny (or bizarre / controversial) articles for our site. Your chances of getting a story accepted increase greatly if you can follow these guidelines:

1. Your article must be funny, interesting, controversial, outrageous, bizarre… you get the point. (Just fit it to the theme of our site. You can do this easily by checking our site categories and ensuring it fits one.)
2. Spell check and then spell check again.
3. Clarity. Sentences should make sense. Please proof and then proof again.
4. Be original. We will not publish content taken directly from other sites.
5. Be outrageous. The more “out there” – the better!

We will work to supply any graphics that would be needed for the article. We will give you full credit and a link to your own site or blog if you have one. Get your 15 minutes of fame!

By submitting your article, you agree that ThinkNice.com has the full right to publish your article / photos and that you are the author of this content. Furthermore, you agree that once your submitted article is published on ThinkNice.com, Brian Douglas (representing ThinkNice.com) becomes the sole owner of all copyright, and publishing and other rights related to the article content.

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