January 19, 2018

Landlord Problems – Will Ferrell Meets His Landlord – Funny Video

Funny Video — Will Ferrell Tries to Convince His Landlord to Give Him a Little Longer to Pay the Rent

Wait till you meet Will Ferrell’s landlord. This is a very funny parody of an all too serious situation… Trying not to get evicted!!

Will Ferrelll Meets Having Landlord Problems
Will Ferrell, behind on his rent, trying to deal with his landlord.

Wheres the Rent Money Will Ferrell Cute Toddler
“Where’s the rent?” – Demands the toddler landlord. (You won’t believe the things this cute toddler says on the video!)

Will Ferrells Landord Demanding Rent Money
This little girl is too cute. In this still image from the video, she’s throwing a temper tantrum to try to get the rent money!!


  1. That little girl is Will Ferrell’s daughter.

    • That is not Will Ferrell’s daughter. That’s Pearl McKay, daughter of the man directing the clip, Adam McKay. Mr. McKay is a screenwriter, producer and director who has partnered with Ferrel on several movies (e.g. Anchorman).

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