January 18, 2018

When Porcupines Attack | Porcupine Attack Pictures & Videos

Porcupine Attacks on Animals Like Dogs and Other Predatory Creatures — as well as People — are More Common than You Might Think

Well, I guess calling these porcupine “attacks” is probably not the most accurate statement I could make, as porcupines are herbivores and, as such, only attack when provoked or defending themselves against carnivorous animals.

Whether they initiate the attack or not, the effects of a porcupine attack are devastating. Take a look at the pictures and videos below for details of the damage.

porcupine attack on pit bull dog

Even if you're not a big fan of Pit Bull dogs, you have to feel bad for this guy!

cute porcupine babies

Porcupine babies are adorable!

Porcupines inhabit the Americas, southern Asia, and Africa. Porcupines are the third largest of the rodent family, behind only the capybara and the beaver. Most porcupine species measure around 25–36 in (63–91 cm) long, with an 8–10 in (20–25 cm) long tail. Adult porcupines typically weigh between 12–35 lb (5.4–16 kg), and are rounded, large and slow moving.

pitbull attack from porcupine

This is a side view of the same Pit Bull dog from above. It looks like the porcupine emptied all his quill into this poor dog.

If your dog has been the unfortunate victim of a porcupine attack, you should get him/her to a Veterinarian ASAP. If you can’t get your pet to a Vet, here is a helpful link detailing how to treat your pet’s injury yourself…
How to Treat Your Dog after Porcupine Attack

poor dog attacked by porcupine

This poor dog certainly got a mouth full.

Porcupines have approximately 30,000 quills at their disposal. You don’t want to mess with an angry porcupine!

Porcupine Attack Videos:


  1. Those aren’t baby porcupines – they’re baby African Pygmy Hedgehogs.

  2. While it’s a bit hard to tell with all the quills in the way, that dog looks to be an English Bull Terrier, not a “pit bull” (which is a vague umbrella term anyway).

  3. The pictures of the 3 babies are hedgehogs…. Not porcupines

  4. You are right, porcupines don’t attack and they don’t “throw” their quills. The quills are set very loosely in the porcupines back so that when something touches them their barbs pierce whatever makes contact with them and they come loose from the porcupine very easily. For that dog to have that many quills in it’s face and shoulders it had to have kept going back to attack the porcupine. I had two dogs that both attacked a porcupine. They didn’t have nearly as many quills as that dog. Apparently some dogs don’t even learn the really painful lessons.

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