December 15, 2017

Venus Williams’ Dress at U.S. Open Causes Problems

Venus Williams’ hot pink, sequined dress with matching Bedazzled tennis underwear was quite a distraction at the U.S. Open this weekend.

Venus easily defeated No. 18 seed Shahar Peer in straight sets, but her self-designed dress clearly caused her issues throughout the match. On most points, the tight dress appeared to ride up Venus’ hips, showcasing her underwear for the world to see. Before the next point, Venus was seen pulling down the sides of the dress. Venus’ fixing of her attire captivated tennis announcers in the CBS broadcast booth, who nearly discussed her tight-fitting dress more than the tennis match itself.

At one point during the match, CBS announcer had this hilarious exchange:

John McEnroe: I think that dress has distracted [Venus].

Dick Enberg: It’s distracting you.

McEnroe: That’s a fair point.

Enberg: It sounds like it might be a distraction to her opponent.

McEnroe: Well, she’s tugging at it. She’s uncomfortable with it.

Mary Carillo: She uses that fabric a lot in her designs, John. And for the last couple of years we’ve seen her have to correct her outfit after every point.

Venus Williams Dress U.S. Open 2010

CBS found it so distracting that they actually displayed a “tug count” on screen that tallied the number of times Venus and Peer pulled at their dresses following a point. Venus was leading Peer 42 to four when the graphic was displayed.

Venus Williams Dress Causes Problems U.S. Open 2010

At the post match press conference, Venus was asked whether the dress caused her problems. “No,” she said. “The only thing that bothered me was when I didn’t win the point. I think. That was it.”

If you watched the match, however, you got a clear sense that it did indeed cause her problems. And, the tug count would suggest otherwise as well.


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