December 15, 2017

Totally Random Tuesday VI – 20 Funny, Interesting Pics

Our sixth installment of Totally Random Tuesday – as always – featuring 20 funny and interesting (and completely random) images, designed for nothing more than your enjoyment! Have fun…

Funny image showing the executive chain of command

Executive Chain of Command

I’ve worked in the “corporate” world before. And, I must say this is a pretty accurate representation!
Beer Pong Essentials for Back to College

Smart Marketing

Beer pong items under the “College Essentials” sign. Smart marketing, indeed.
Funny Rachel Ray Error

Ah, The Importance of Proper Punctuation.

Rachel Ray Cooks Her Family and Her Dog.
Funny Chocolate Milk Surprise


Funny Fire Engine in a Sink Hole Image


How do you suppose that happened?
Funny Tan Lines Explained

Tan Lines Explained

Funny Beach Photo with Beach Goers and Garbage

Another Day at the Beach

These people don’t even seem to notice (or care about) all the commotion going on in front of them.
Too Cute Porcupine In Stages of Opening Up

Too Cute!

Image Source =
Christmas Has Become a Bad Word

Christmas Has Become a Bad Word

This is all too sad, but all too true these days.

Funny Nuns Sitting On Sexy Leg Chairs

How women and men see colors

Yep, that looks about right.
Hand Dryer Delivers Bacon


Ocean Hammock and Champagne Chiller

The Good Life.

Funny Dog shaped like a loaf of bread

Get off the counter loafdog, you are not actually bread.
Funny Bar Notice

Funny Bar Sign

Dont Have Phone Sex Funny Parody

Don’t Have Phone Sex. You Might Get Hearing Aids.
Funny Dough Parody

Funny Dough Parody

Funny Drowning Call 911 LOL Sign


Male Brain Breakdown

Breakdown of the Male Brain. (You can see the female brain here…)
Flash Computer Humor


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