January 16, 2018

Totally Random Tuesday IV – 20 Funny, Interesting Images

It’s Tuesday again. And, you know what that means… We present you with 20 random funny and interesting images. Thanks for spending a few moments of your busy day with us. And, be sure to leave a comment or two if you see something you particularly enjoy!

Funny Shoe Shine Shop Poster He Will Save Your Sole

Funny Shoe Shine Shop Sign (Say that 5 times fast!!)

Funny Shoe Repair Sign – Religious Parody
I Will Heel You
I Will Save Your Sole
I Will Even Dye For You
Funny Tetris Drawing

So That's Where They All Are

Caution Hot Avoid Pouring on Crotch Area

Caution Hot - Avoid Pouring On Crotch Area

Whew, I’m glad I saw this warning. I was seriously considering dumping my next steaming hot coffee in my lap.

National Geographic

National Geographic Magazine - Big Cats in African Tree

Source = NationalGeographic.com Desktop Wallpapers
Smarter After Beer Norm

So That's Why You Feel Smarter After Beer

Suicide Bomber Cat Funny Cat Costume

Redneck Motorcycle John Deere Tractor Chopper

Redneck Motorcycle

The Most Beautiful Wave Ever

The Most Beautiful Wave Ever

Credit = TreeHugger
The Starry Night Cake from Vincent Van Gogh

The Starry Night - Vincent Van Gogh - Decorated Cake

We Need To Talk Mom Rolling Papers Message

We Need To Talk - Mom

BUSTED!!! — Mom found your stash and left you a nice little message. Uh, oh!!!
Which Actors Have Died the Most Infographic

Here Lies 15 of Hollywood’s Most Killed Stars

To Trip is Human But to Stumble is Devine

To Trip is Human But to Stumble is Devine

Source = MottvilleMama
Testicle Festival

I Wonder What There Is To Do at a Testicle Festival?

14 Payments To Go Funny Sign on Old Truck

14 Payments To Go And It's Mine All Mine

Source = Bizarre Signs
Women Are Great Leaders Funny Bumper Sticker

Women Are Great Leaders - You're Following One Now

I’m not saying that women aren’t great leaders. But, I am curious as to whether or not this particular one caused the accident that smashed her rear end – or if an anti-feminist saw her bumper sticker and decided to smack into her? Either way, it’s pretty funny to leave this bumper sticker on the back of your wrecked car.
Funny Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster - I Wouldn't Trade You For All The Cookies In The World

Stars of Disneys GForce Taking a Bath

Disney's G-Force Stars - Team Bath!

Childhood Obesity and McDonald's Billboards Advertising Fail

Advertising Fail - Childhood Obesity and McDonald's Billboards Together

No Basketball Today

Sorry, Son. No Basketball Today.

Be Careful What You Wish For

Be Careful What You Wish For

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  1. Ha, that warning is for pansies. I’ve been poring hot coffee on my crotch for years. Wakes you up way better than drinking it. 😉

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