February 24, 2018

Totally Random Funny Pics – 20 Awesome Images

20 Funny Images…

So we can post random funny pics more than once a week, we’ve decided to change our “Totally Random Tuesday” to a Totally Random Funny Pic Dump that we will update several times a week. So, take a few minutes and LOL all the way through these 20 random funny images…

Funny Waterproof Home“Because everything in her home is waterproof, the housewife of 2000 can do her daily cleaning with a hose.”
Did they really think in the 1950’s that in just 50 years, humans would invent a completely waterproof home???

Funny Hand Print on BackCan you say… Oooouuuuccchhhhh!!!!!

Pop TardsWell, at least they didn’t label them “Pop Turds.”

Funny Shave Your Wife Superman ComicI Did Not Shave Your Wife.

Funny Orgasms Relationship ImageWomen might be able to fake orgasms, but men can fake a whole relationship.

Funny Elephants PicLike Father, Like Son. LOL.

Funny Traffic Pic

Anatomy of An Urban ThugAnatomy of An Urban Thug

Funny Squirrel PicHmmm… They do look a little similar – I mean, look at the claws for Pete’s sake. I can certainly see how this poor little fella could get confused. Can’t you? 🙂

Superman Face SplatSplat!!!!

Poor Rhinoceros

Funny Bug PhotoI See You

Funny Kermit the Frog

Funny Dog StoryI’m pretty sure this would indeed work with wives or husbands.

Funny Pizzeria SignFunny Pizzeria Sign – “Shaun of the Ched.”

Cookie Monster

Funny Squirrel PhotoNow that’s a “close up.”

Typical iPhone Android Blackberry User CartoonTypical iPhone user. Typical Android user. Typical Blackberry user.

Crazy Looking DogThat is one crazy looking dog!!

Funny Job Interview Boob SizeThere is certainly some truth to the relationship between boob size and landing a job.

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  1. redefine funny.

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  3. Enjoyed watching specialle this post 20 awesome images.. They were awesome and entertaining.. Nice stuff!

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