January 19, 2018

Tim Tebow Gets Friar Tuck Hair Cut

Friar Tuck – or – NFL Rookie?

Tim Tebow’s New Teammates on the Denver Broncos Decided to Give Him a Nice, New Hair Cut as Part of His NFL Rookie Induction

This makes carrying your teammate’s shoulder pads seem like a walk in the park!

Tim Tebow Friar Tuck Hair Cout thanks to Denver Broncos Teammates

This Photo of New Denver Broncos Player, Tim Tebow, was Posted on Twitter by LenDale White

Tebow, who normally has a nice full head of spikey hair, received this new look during the Broncos’ NFL training camp this week. Veteran NFL players are notorious for playing pranks on Rookies, frequently making the new players pay for team meals and forcing them to carry pads, helmets and other equipment for their elder teammates. There have even been reports in years past of players being duct-taped (naked even) to goal posts and more!

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