February 24, 2018

Tiger Attack (GIF & Video)

Incredible Tiger Attack Animated GIF and Video

(Full Video Below…)

Tiger Attack GIF

Tiger Attack GIF

This incredible tiger attack was caught on film in Kaziranga National Park, north-east India in 2004. It’s been around for a while, we know, but we just saw it for the first time today – so we’re sharing it with you anyway.

Long story short… The tiger attacked forest rangers, while they were trying to shoot it with tranquilizers. (Apparently, it was a “problem tiger” – whatever that means – and they decided to try to move it to a location farther away from humans.) You don’t see it on the Tiger Attack GIF above, but the forest ranger survived the attack. His left arm and hand were pretty severely injured, but he made a full recovery (see the Tiger Attack Video below).

It appears as though the camera person freaked out and juggled the camera as the actual “attack” happened. But, as footage resumes, you can see that the park ranger is alive, still on the elephant, and that one arm is badly injured.

The other park rangers apparently fired rifles into the air during the tiger attack, which was enough to scare the tiger away. Fortunately, the mishap worked well enough to permanently keep the tiger away, as it hasn’t returned to the area since the incident occurred.

This tiger attack video belongs to the archive of Wilderness Films India Ltd. Visit their YouTube site for more info / videos on this tiger attack.


  1. Wow… Tiger jumped so high ! this is freaking amazing.

  2. F**k, that was freaking scary!
    Thumbs up to the elephant rider who seemed to keep his nerve.

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