February 24, 2018

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Interesting Facts About Sex

Sex Facts Infographic Sexual thoughts enter the average 18 to 30-year-old male’s brain every 52 seconds, and it’s estimated that intercourse is taking place about 2,778 times every 5 seconds around the world. What else didn’t you know about the thing you think about the most? Source = OnlineSchools.org Interesting Sex Facts: More people under 40 have sex on a ... Read More »

IKEA vs Apple Infographic


IKEA versus Apple – Comparing Two of Today’s Most Successful Companies! I personally love both these companies. We have several pieces of IKEA furniture in the office and at home – and I’m an avid Apple fan, having converted from PCs long, long ago (not to mention that I couldn’t live without my MacBook or iPhone). So, when I came ... Read More »

Singer Jewel Does Karaoke Undercover

singer jewel getting in disguise

Jewel Does Her Own Songs in Disguise at Karaoke Bar – Amazing Video and Photos of Jewel Singing at Karaoke Bar This is truly amazing. Singer-songwriter Jewel Kilcher goes undercover at a Karaoke Bar and sings her own songs. Donning a wig, fake nose, padded butt, glasses, and pretending to be with a group from a local convention, Jewel goes ... Read More »

Heather Mitts – No. 4 Hottest (USA) Female Athlete

Heather Mitts Foxy 70

Heather Mitts – Our Number 4 Hottest Female Athlete « Back to Top 5 Hottest Female Athletes Pictures of our Number 4 Hottest Female Athlete – Heather Mitts… Heather Mitts in a sexy black dress. Wow. Heather Mitts looking hot in a skimpy top on soccer field. If women’s uniforms looked more like this, soccer viewership would increase by 1000%. ... Read More »