December 15, 2017

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Tiny Robot Attempts to be Next Ironman

Tiny Robot Next Ironman

Most competitors shudder when they think about the Hawaiian Ironman. However, Evolta, a tiny robot from the imagination of Panasonic’s Tomotaka Takahashi, is poised to be the first machine to complete an Ironman Triathlon this October 24th in Hawaii. Coming in at a height of six inches, at just one-tenth the size of the average human male, Evolta is being ... Read More »

Skydiver Falls 15,000 Feet and Lives to Tell About It

Skydiver Accident Michael Holmes

Amazing Survival Story – Skydiver Michael Holmes Plunges 15,000 Feet and Lives At 15,000 feet, the last thing any skydiver wants to have happen is for the parachute to fail to properly deploy. But, that is exactly what happened to Michael Holmes. Miraculously, however, Michael didn’t die as a result of the freak accident. Call it luck or a miracle ... Read More »

Memphis Cheerleaders Go Crazy (Video)

Memphis Cheerleaders Girls Go Crazy After Winning

Memphis Dance Team Girls – Crazy Title Celebration Earlier this season, the University of Memphis Spirit Squad won the National Championship in Hip-Hop Dance. When the winner was announced, all the girls went crazy. But, Captain Marina Barrett took “crazy” to a whole new level, celebrating and thrashing about like an uncontrollable wild woman when the announcement was made! Take ... Read More »

Tiger Woods Hits Perfect Shot at Ryder Cup

Tiger Woods Best Golf Photo Ever

Tiger Woods and the Best Golf Photo You will EVER See! Wow, check out the below photo from this past weekend’s Ryder Cup. The U.S. Team lost a closely contested match, but at least came away with this awesome photo, possibly the best ever “in-action” golf photograph!! This photo is not faked nor altered with Photoshop. That is truly Tiger ... Read More »

Amanda Beard – No. 2 Hottest (USA) Female Athlete

Amanda Beard – Our Number 2 Hottest Female Athlete « Back to Top 5 Hottest Female Athletes Pictures of our Number 2 Hottest Female Athlete – Amanda Beard… Amanda Beard in bikini, posing with one very happy looking volleyball! Fortunately for us, Amanda Beard is a swimmer. So, we get to see lots of images of her in bikinis! Amanda ... Read More »

Heather Mitts – No. 4 Hottest (USA) Female Athlete

Heather Mitts Foxy 70

Heather Mitts – Our Number 4 Hottest Female Athlete « Back to Top 5 Hottest Female Athletes Pictures of our Number 4 Hottest Female Athlete – Heather Mitts… Heather Mitts in a sexy black dress. Wow. Heather Mitts looking hot in a skimpy top on soccer field. If women’s uniforms looked more like this, soccer viewership would increase by 1000%. ... Read More »