December 15, 2017

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Secret Service Codenames Declassified & Decoded (Infographic)

The President is Who? Presidential Secret Service Codenames Revealed To celebrate the upcoming movie Olympus Has Fallen (in theaters March 22, 2013), The Huffington Post has created this cool infographic detailing presidential codenames. Enjoy. Source = The Huffington Post Read More »

Funny Obama Political Poster – I Voted For Change

The country is going down hill – and FAST. Many People that Voted for President Obama are Struggling Financially. I bet there are a lot of Obama supporters out there that were not expecting this as the big “change” coming their way. Read More »

Interesting Letter to President Obama from 95 Year Old WW II Veteran

Harold B Estes 95 Year Old WW2 Veterean Letter to Obama

This 95 Year Old WW II Veteran Can Tell It Like It Is with the Best of ‘Em! Read His Interesting Letter to President Obama WW II Battleship sailor, Harold B. Estes, tells Obama to shape up or ship out! This venerable and much honored WW II vet is well known in Hawaii for his seventy-plus years of service to ... Read More »