February 21, 2017

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Celebrities Who Changed Their Names

Miley Cyrus Celeb Real Name

Real Celebrity Names Lots of celebrities do it. Whether it’s because they had a very unremarkable real name (see Cary Grant), they just wanted to sound a little cooler, or because someone else already in the limelight had a similar (or exact) name — many popular stars from yesterday and today have taken on identities other than those given at ... Read More »

Niagara Falls Dried Up

Niagara Falls went Dry by Russ Glasson

Astonishing New Photos Have Surfaced of a Time when the World Famous Niagara Falls Went Dry February 10, 2011 — UPDATE… A previously unseen set of photos of a time when the world famous Niagara Falls stopped flowing have recently gained public attention. 41 years after their taking, the photos here show a barren, dry version of the mighty Niagara ... Read More »