August 22, 2014

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1500′s Fun Facts & Popular Sayings

Bride Bouquet of Flowers

Fun Facts About the 1500′s – Popular Sayings Explained Below we have some fun facts about the 1500′s and how certain sayings, expressions, and traditions – still popular today – got their start. Bride’s Bouquet of Flowers Most couples in the 1500′s got married in the month of June. This was because people generally took their YEARLY bath in May, ... Read More »

Thousands of Soldiers Form Living Photographs

Human Liberty Bell Photograph

Thousands of American Soldiers Pose as Symbols of American History These fantastic works of art are actually human or “living” photographs, taken by English photographer Arthur S. Mole and American photographer John D. Thomas. The images were constructed using thousands of soldiers positioned in synchronicity to form the subject of the photos. These American history photographs were taken around the ... Read More »