January 18, 2018

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Funny Beer Photos That Will Make You LOL!

Funny Beer Photos - Check Out My Six Pack

Funny Beer Photos What did you just say? You want some funny beer photos so you can lawl on the floor? Have no fear; we aim to please and below you will find what you are looking for. Just try not to laugh too much if viewing from work. The Beer Tank Just wow! Now that would definitely make us ... Read More »

20 Funny Pics – Totally Random Tuesday VIII

Pepsi Killed Coke Funny Pic

20 Funny Random Pics Our eighth installment of Totally Random Tuesday, where we bring you 20 completely random funny pics. We have a nice mixture this week of photos and drawings to hopefully bring a little cheer to your day! Love this Funny Road Monster!!! Someone out there has a really funny side (and perhaps a little too much time ... Read More »

Joke of the Month – August 2010

Your Momma is So Fat Jokes Fat Women in Bikinis

Your Momma Is So Fat… Vote for Your Favorite Joke Punchline! Your Momma Jokes!! Vote for your favorite “Your Momma is So Fat…” joke below. This joke will run until September 1, 2010. Check back often to see the results. And the winner is: Your Momma Is So Fat… When She Goes to the Movies, She Sits Next to EVERYONE. ... Read More »

Landlord Problems – Will Ferrell Meets His Landlord – Funny Video

Will Ferrelll Meets Having Landlord Problems

Funny Video — Will Ferrell Tries to Convince His Landlord to Give Him a Little Longer to Pay the Rent Wait till you meet Will Ferrell’s landlord. This is a very funny parody of an all too serious situation… Trying not to get evicted!! Will Ferrell, behind on his rent, trying to deal with his landlord. “Where’s the rent?” – ... Read More »