February 24, 2018

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Perspective is Everything – 19 Pics

Funny Perspective Pics Ah, yes… Perspective is truly everything. Don’t believe us? Take a look at the 19 funny perspective pics below and see for yourself. Read More »

Totally Random Tuesday – 20 Funny Pics

20 Funny Random Pics Funny photos, funny signs, and other funny creations to provide a few minutes of entertainment to your day. Enjoy… « Last Week’s Totally Random Funny Pics Read More »

Funny Family Pet Photos

Strange Family Pet Photo

10 Hilarious Family Photos with Their Pets People love their pets. We get that. But, what we don’t get are why “certain” people like to take family photos with their pets included. Is that Katy Perry? The younger kids look surprisingly normal. Strange. Seeing Spots This may be going overboard, just a little. Cat Family Leotards This family certainly appears ... Read More »

Funny and Thought-Provoking Car Ads

Funny Car Ads

Funny Car Advertisements (Videos) Commercials often escape our attention. They are often just an irritating distraction during your favorite TV shows or, with the advent of TiVo, simply images whizzing past in silence. Sometimes ads can be creative, thought-provoking and funny. They can catch our attention and make the product desirable, not because of false claims of advertising or catchy ... Read More »

Funny Video – Guy Jumps Into Frozen Pool

Funny Video - Guy Jumps Into Frozen Swimming Pool

Funny Video of a Guy Jumping Into Frozen Swimming Pool Warning, Kids… Don’t try this at home! So, this German guy decides to jump into a frozen swimming pool. Probably not the best idea he’s ever had in his life. (NOTE: NSFW Language on the video – in German.) This actually looks like it was possibly the best outcome that ... Read More »

Cute & Funny Christmas GIFs Collection

Funny Glitter Santa Reindeer Animated GIF

Cute, Funny Christmas Animated GIF Collection (33 GIFs) We’ve put together a nice assortment of 33 cute, fun and funny Christmas GIFs for you to enjoy and share! Santa & Reindeer Christmas GIFs Merry Christmas animated GIF with Santa, Christmas Tree and blinking lights. Funny Glitter Santa Claus with Reindeer Animated GIF. Cute Merry Christmas animated GIF with Santa and ... Read More »

Funny Beer Photos That Will Make You LOL!

Funny Beer Photos - Check Out My Six Pack

Funny Beer Photos What did you just say? You want some funny beer photos so you can lawl on the floor? Have no fear; we aim to please and below you will find what you are looking for. Just try not to laugh too much if viewing from work. The Beer Tank Just wow! Now that would definitely make us ... Read More »

Funny Mom and Son – School Day Cartoon

Funny Mom Son Cartoon

Mom: “Hey! What Did You Learn at School Today?” Son: “Nothing” This is funny, but oh so true!! Happens every day at tens of thousands of households around the world. Source = JimBenton.com Read More »

Funny Photos Taken at Just the Right Moment

Funny Football Fan Photo Taken at Just the Right Moment

Perfectly Timed Photos Here we present you with 20 funny photos taken with truly impeccable timing! Source Photo Via Sure hope Granny was strong enough to catch him! Source Source Source That’s a pretty attractive look. Photo Not sure if he’s doing “the worm” or if this guy is just falling flat on his face. Photo Looks like the bride ... Read More »

Eight Complete Idiots – True Stories

Life Raft

True Stories of Eight Complete Idiots in America Below we have a compilation of eight funny, but true, stories of some completely idiotic things people have done in America. Enjoy! Idiot #1 – True Story of a Man in San Francisco A San Francisco man, wanting to rob a downtown Bank of America, walked into the branch and wrote a ... Read More »