February 25, 2017

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Funny Video – Guy Jumps Into Frozen Pool

Funny Video - Guy Jumps Into Frozen Swimming Pool

Funny Video of a Guy Jumping Into Frozen Swimming Pool Warning, Kids… Don’t try this at home! So, this German guy decides to jump into a frozen swimming pool. Probably not the best idea he’s ever had in his life. (NOTE: NSFW Language on the video – in German.) This actually looks like it was possibly the best outcome that ... Read More »

Funny Commercial about Hooking Up

Hooking Up

This amusing commercial was created to plug a dating advice book called 11 Points Guide to Hooking Up. Having read the book, I can assure you that it’s not only hilarious but also filled with practical advice. The commercial was filmed in Virginia, which is also where the film Lincoln is currently being shot by Steven Spielberg. The director and ... Read More »

Funny Video – Luck, Skill or Something Else?


Is It Luck, Skill, or Something Else? Watch the Video and Decide for Yourself… 3:12 of crazy, insane video footage! While some of this is obviously pure luck, I think it could be argued that there’s a higher power possibly watching over a few of these people. Absolutely amazing. My personal favorite is what happens at the 1:38 mark. This ... Read More »

Outrageous Fail Video Compilation – Best Fail Videos of 2009

Horse Kick to the Face Fail

Outrageous Compilation of Fail Videos This is one of the funniest “fail” videos you will ever see! The video has dozens of short clips of all kinds of extremely funny fail videos. It has everything from golf cart and bicycle crashes to funeral disasters and building destruction fails. Best Fail Videos of 2009 There’s something on this video for everyone… ... Read More »

Blob Launching – Funny Videos

Ultimate Blob Launching

OMG!!!! This is so funny. I had never even heard of this until yesterday, when a friend of mine said she went to a local lake last weekend for “Blob Launching.” She said it was the most fun she had EVER had in her life. So, of course I had to look it up. And, to my surprise (okay, not ... Read More »

Crazy Dancing Pregnant Girls – Funny Video

Crazy Dancing Pregnant Girls Exposing Their Bellies

Cute, Extremely Pregnant Girls Dancing to “Fergilicious” – Funny Dance Moves and Funny Faces – Hilarious Video… Crazed dancing pregnant girls!!! Wow, I’ve heard of baby bouncers, but I thought it was a term for a product like a baby swing or something. These cute and crazy pregnant girls take bouncing their babies to a whole new level! If you ... Read More »