February 19, 2017

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Funny and Thought-Provoking Car Ads

Funny Car Ads

Funny Car Advertisements (Videos) Commercials often escape our attention. They are often just an irritating distraction during your favorite TV shows or, with the advent of TiVo, simply images whizzing past in silence. Sometimes ads can be creative, thought-provoking and funny. They can catch our attention and make the product desirable, not because of false claims of advertising or catchy ... Read More »

20 Funny Images – Totally Random Tuesday X

Cute Raccoon Carrying Kitten Photo

20 Random Funny Photos Our tenth edition of Totally Random Tuesday features an outstanding mix of funny photos, funny signs, and other funny creations to provide a few minutes of entertainment to your day. So, have fun… Freaking hilarious. Make sure you say it out loud. Credit = 9GAG.com This is a great sign! Ah, if only we had a ... Read More »

Totally Random Tuesday IV – 20 Funny, Interesting Images

Suicide Bomber Cat Funny Cat Costume

It’s Tuesday again. And, you know what that means… We present you with 20 random funny and interesting images. Thanks for spending a few moments of your busy day with us. And, be sure to leave a comment or two if you see something you particularly enjoy! Funny Shoe Repair Sign – Religious Parody I Will Heel You I Will ... Read More »