December 15, 2017

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Totally Random Tuesday – 20 Funny Pics

20 Funny Random Pics Funny photos, funny signs, and other funny creations to provide a few minutes of entertainment to your day. Enjoy… « Last Week’s Totally Random Funny Pics Read More »

Totally Random Funny Pics – 20 Awesome Images

Pop Tards

20 Funny Images… So we can post random funny pics more than once a week, we’ve decided to change our “Totally Random Tuesday” to a Totally Random Funny Pic Dump that we will update several times a week. So, take a few minutes and LOL all the way through these 20 random funny images… “Because everything in her home is ... Read More »

Totally Random Tuesday IV – 20 Funny, Interesting Images

Suicide Bomber Cat Funny Cat Costume

It’s Tuesday again. And, you know what that means… We present you with 20 random funny and interesting images. Thanks for spending a few moments of your busy day with us. And, be sure to leave a comment or two if you see something you particularly enjoy! Funny Shoe Repair Sign – Religious Parody I Will Heel You I Will ... Read More »

Wrinkles In Time

Wrinkled Woman on the Beach

Everybody Gets Wrinkles, Some Day — Some More So Than Others! It’s a fact of getting older. You’re going to get wrinkles. Wrinkles in your face. Wrinkles all over the place. Most people don’t like it, some even hate it. But, again, it is simply a fact of life that cannot be avoided. So, on this post we present to ... Read More »

Funny and Interesting Animal Pictures – Funny Dogs, Cats & Other Animals

prairie dog closeup

Check Out These Funny and Interesting Animal Pictures for a Quick Laugh… A dog being used as a horse by a monkey at a rodeo? This is a very funny picture!! photo source A dog standing on the back of a donkey – taken in Globe, Arizona sometime in the 1920’s. (No donkeys were harmed during the production of this ... Read More »

Amazing Non-Photoshopped Pictures

These amazing images are all non-photoshopped. You’ve probably seen the effects of this amazing program. You can fix red-eye glare, restore old / damaged photographs, add people into a photo who weren’t really there, and much, much more. But, none of the below photos have been touched by Photoshop or any other digital editing program. At first glance, this looks ... Read More »