January 18, 2018

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Funny Animated GIFs

Funny Dive Fail Animated GIF

Funny Animated GIFs Collection Animated GIFs are graphic files that are composed of multiple different images on top of each other. Together these images are compressed and work together (creating movement) to give the appearance of a mini movie. GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format. Below we present you with a short collection of eight funny animated GIFs. (NOTE: This ... Read More »

Totally Random Tuesday VI – 20 Funny, Interesting Pics

Funny Fire Engine in a Sink Hole Image

Our sixth installment of Totally Random Tuesday – as always – featuring 20 funny and interesting (and completely random) images, designed for nothing more than your enjoyment! Have fun… I’ve worked in the “corporate” world before. And, I must say this is a pretty accurate representation! Beer pong items under the “College Essentials” sign. Smart marketing, indeed. Rachel Ray Cooks ... Read More »

Landlord Problems – Will Ferrell Meets His Landlord – Funny Video

Will Ferrelll Meets Having Landlord Problems

Funny Video — Will Ferrell Tries to Convince His Landlord to Give Him a Little Longer to Pay the Rent Wait till you meet Will Ferrell’s landlord. This is a very funny parody of an all too serious situation… Trying not to get evicted!! Will Ferrell, behind on his rent, trying to deal with his landlord. “Where’s the rent?” – ... Read More »