February 24, 2018

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Funny Family Pet Photos

Strange Family Pet Photo

10 Hilarious Family Photos with Their Pets People love their pets. We get that. But, what we don’t get are why “certain” people like to take family photos with their pets included. Is that Katy Perry? The younger kids look surprisingly normal. Strange. Seeing Spots This may be going overboard, just a little. Cat Family Leotards This family certainly appears ... Read More »

Animal Gifs – Cute and Hilarious Animal Gifs – Funny Animal Gifs

Cute Animals Animated GIFs - featured

Cute Animals Doing What They Do Best (15 GIFs) It has been scientifically proven that looking at animal GIFs improves productivity and cures all sicknesses. (Okay, not really. But, it surely can’t hurt now can it. Right?) So we’re creating a new category featuring some of the cutest animal GIFs ever. Enjoy. This is one seriously cute kitten and puppy ... Read More »

Bizarre Cat with Two Faces Celebrates 12th Birthday

Cat with Two Faces - 2

Two-Faced Cat “Frank & Louie” Turns 12 (Pics and Video) Frank & Louie is a very unique cat. Celebrating his 12th birthday on September 8, 2011 – this bizarre and wonderful cat was born with double mouths, noses and eyes. Frank and Louie has only one brain, however, and only the outer eyes are functional. But, despite these anomalies, this ... Read More »

The Most Lazy Cat You Will Ever See (25 Pics)

Laziest Cat You Will Ever See

Laziest Cat Ever Most of you out there probably know about Garfield, the world’s most famous lazy cat. Well, below we have his real life brother. This adorable cat makes Garfield look like a whirlwind of energy and motion. This cute cat has a great life… Doing whatever he wants, eating and sleeping all day long. I would love to ... Read More »

Totally Random Tuesday (20 Funny Images)

Funny Wave Runner

“Totally Random Tuesday” is a New, On-Going Feature of ThinkNice.com Every Tuesday, we will bring you 20 of the best and funniest pics from around the web. So, sit-back, relax and enjoy a few minutes of your day – courtesy of random funniness!!   Totally Random Tuesday 2 »   Read More »