January 18, 2018

Skydiver Falls 15,000 Feet and Lives to Tell About It

Amazing Survival Story – Skydiver Michael Holmes Plunges 15,000 Feet and Lives

At 15,000 feet, the last thing any skydiver wants to have happen is for the parachute to fail to properly deploy. But, that is exactly what happened to Michael Holmes. Miraculously, however, Michael didn’t die as a result of the freak accident. Call it luck or a miracle or whatever you like, but Michael Holmes not only survived, he did so with only minor injuries. And, it did not affect his love for skydiving one bit.

Happening five years ago in New Zealand, Michael’s amazing ordeal was captured on video (above) and has been turned into a featured spot on the National Geographic series “The Indestructibles” airing Sunday, July 17th at 10:00pm and 10:30pm (Eastern and Pacific). The series focuses on miraculous survival stories and Holmes’ story certainly fits that bill, combining footage from Michael’s helmet-cam and that of fellow skydiver Jonathan King, who could only watch helplessly as his friend plummeted toward the Earth from three miles in the air.

It is not perfectly clear how Michael Holmes survived the skydiving mishap, other than the bushes he landed in helped to slow his fall. The National Geographic show will report more on his air speed, which was said to be non-survivable, and other factors and scientific views.

The only injuries sustained by Holmes were extensive bruising and two broken bones. However, there was no significant damage to internal organs. Michael has stated that the skydiving incident happened because of a flaw and not because his parachute was improperly packed – even though his reserve chute also failed to deploy. Mr. Holmes also said that although he knows he cheated death, he never considered quitting the sport of skydiving. “It’s my life, it’s what I love, and I can’t imagine not doing it,” Holmes, who now teaches beginners how to skydive, said in a National Geographic Q & A. “If you have a car crash, most people will still drive again. Skydiving to me is no different from driving again.”

Skydiver Accident Michael HolmesSpeaking of the incident and the ongoing investigation into what went wrong and how he was able to survive, Michael added: “I feel safe and confident for the future of the sport knowing that if and when all goes wrong you can still make your own luck and survive. Hopefully, after all this, other skydivers and even the average Joe can benefit from the findings and enable us all to make the most out of bad situations.”

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