February 24, 2018

Shark Encounters – Close Calls with Sharks – Pics & Video

Close Encounters with Sharks – Great White Sharks, Tiger Sharks, Bull Sharks

This is pretty much every surfer, ocean swimmer, or boater’s worst nightmare… Coming face-to-face with a man-eating shark!

Surfer Encounters Great White Shark

Surfer Has Close Encounter with Great White Shark

I can only imagine the things going through this surfer’s mind as he glances over and sees the huge, 16-17 foot Great White shark headed in his direction.

Shark Attack Victim Andrea Lynch

Shark Attack Survivor Andrea Lynch

Andrea Lynch is shown here displaying the scars from her shark attack. During a 2007 late-night boat trip off the coast of Sarasota, Florida – Andrea and her friends were swimming and enjoying the warm water. Andrea was swimming casually on her back, having a good time. That’s when the shark, believed to be a 7 foot long bull shark, sank his massive teeth into Andrea’s back, side, and pelvis areas. The shark shook her briefly, but let go and Andrea was able to make it back to the safety of the boat.

“I reached back with my hand and felt all these gashes on me, and there was blood running down my body and pooling in the boat,” Andrea stated. It took over 100 stitches, but luckily, the shark’s bite avoided Andrea’s lungs and other vital organs.

The shark attack was reported to be the second near Sarasota Bay in 2007, though they are relatively rare on the coast of Florida compared with the more dangerous waters of Australia and South Africa.

» News Interview with Andrea Lynch

Large Shark Near the Beach Mid Day

The People on this Beach Have No Idea of the Danger Lurking Just Off Shore

sharks swimming with and hunting fish

Nice Photo of Sharks Hunting Fish

Great White Shark following Kayak

Huge Great White Shark Following Kayaker

This photo may look like it is fake or photoshopped, but it is 100% real. This photo was featured in the 2005 issue of Africa Geographic magazine. The article detailed a study of Great White Sharks in South Africa by biologists Michael Scholl and Thomas Peschak. Kayaks were used so that they could study the sharks without the disturbing noise of motorized boats.

California Surfer Films Great White Sharks Circling His Surfboard

California surfer Chuck Patterson films not one, but two Great White sharks circling his surfboard. While out in murky green waters off San Onofre in northern San Diego County early this week (week of August 9, 2010), Chuck realized that he was being watched by two large Great Whites. So, the next day he decided to try to catch the sharks on film. He created a unique filming device by adding a water-proof high-definition camera to the end of a 10-foot pole. And, viola… He was able to get the above footage of two Great White sharks circling his surfboard.

The two Great Whites are estimated to be juveniles at 7 and 9 feet in length. This encounter would terrify most people and possibly keep them out of the water. But not Chuck Patterson! Knowing that this area is a common nursery for juvenile Great Whites and that they “primarily” hunt small fishes and other sharks, Chuck set out to get this encounter on film. While the sharks certainly appear interested in him, they do not attack. One shark circles for a brief few moments and simply smacks Chuck’s surfboard with its tale, while the other circles for an incredible 12 minutes before disappearing without incident.

petting a great white shark

This Just Looks Stupid To Me - Petting a Great White Shark on the Nose

touching great white shark

I Just Don't Understand the Thrill or Joy of Doing This - Can Someone Explain to Me Why Anyone Would Want to Do This?

sharks circling yacht and dingy

Sharks Circling Yacht and Dingy

Even in the most beautiful areas of any ocean… There are sharks, as seen here circling this luxury yacht and its trailing inflatable dingy.

confirmed shark attack sign

Confirmed Shark Attack on this Beach - Swim at Your Own Risk

Confirmed shark attack on this beach. Would you still swim here? On one hand, seems like you might actually be “more” safe. You know, the “lightning never strikes twice” theory. But, with sharks, I’m not so sure that is true. Some sharks have even been reported as being territorial and/or that they have “favorite” hunting grounds. So, I’m not so sure I would swim here – even if the attack did happen seven years ago. What do you think?

Surfer Attacked by Two Great White Sharks – Caught on Video

Photographer and Tiger Shark

Photographer Up Close and Personal with Large Tiger Shark

Obviously, not all shark encounters are unintentional. Biologists, oceanographers, and photographers risk their lives daily in oceans all over the world – studying these beautiful animals. Here we show a photographer getting very close to one of the most deadly shark species – the Tiger Shark.

swimming with great white sharks

Swimming with Great White Sharks, with Only the Camera for Protection

These brave oceanographers have such an appreciation for sharks, that they are swimming in the open ocean with the most feared predator in the sea… Great White Sharks. This takes real confidence, bravery, and dedication (or maybe their marbles are a little loose – you decide).

close encounter with basking shark

A Basking Shark Getting Very (VERY) Close

Photo Credit Candiche

basking shark getting close

These Swimmers Appear Terrified

The two photos above show large Basking Sharks coming very close to people off the Cornish Coast of Great Britain. No threat to humans, Basking Sharks are filter feeders (similar to Whale Sharks) eating only krill and plankton. But still, if I were out in the ocean and saw a large shark headed in my direction – I don’t think I’d take the time to try to identify it as harmless. I’d assume it was a man eater and get the heck out of there as fast as possible, like the two swimmers in the second photo.

large shark in the wave while surfer watches

Surfer Watches as Large, Dark Object Passes Mere Feet in Front

I’ve been told that this is a dolphin, but it looks like a shark to me. (It just looks too large to be a dolphin, in my humble opinion.) So, I’m posting it anyway. Shark / Dolphin… It is a phenomenal photograph either way.

Bizarre Cyclops Shark Discovered in Mexico!


  1. The difference between a successful shark attack and a failed one, a successful shark attack is called ‘missing presumed drowned’.

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