December 15, 2017

Robbing Made Easy: Top 5 Heist Flicks

Top 5 Classic Heist Movies

For the record, heist flicks should be completely unattractive to the general public because we all know that stealing is wrong. But somehow, there’s something awesome about a group of criminals working together to steal from The Man – as long as The Man isn’t you. Whether it’s a job to pull one over on an unsuspecting boss or a scheme to relieve a casino from its winnings, heist movies mean suspense and a chance to cheer for the bad guy. Which heist movies are the most fun to watch? It boils down to some of the classics.

“The Italian Job”
The Italian Job - Heist Flick
There are two version of “The Italian Job:” one made in 1969, and a remake starring Edward Norton and Mark Wahlberg made in 2003. The movie is about a group of cons who leave one of their leaders for dead in Italy after a job. He makes his way back to the United States, where he plots revenge against his uber-rich counterparts. In the modern version, Mini Coopers and traffic jams are used to orchestrate a major heist that proves revenge is best served cold and with stylishly small cars.

“Ocean’s Eleven”
Oceans Eleven - Heist Movie
While there have been two installments of the 2001 remake of the 1960 classic, the first movie is still head and shoulders above the rest. Danny Ocean is a con man who gets a group – of eleven – together to pull off a major heist and rob the Bellagio in Las Vegas. What’s so interesting about the Ocean movies is that you can clearly see how each member of the group contributes to the overall job. While one person is distracting the casino owner, the other one is employing explosives to get the job done. If you are more into a little fun at the casino than you are heist movies, then we suggest you check out while you watch Ocean’s Eleven!

“Reservoir Dogs”
Reservoir Dogs - Heist Flick
Probably considered to be Quentin Tarantino’s best work, “Reservoir Dogs” focuses around a motley crew of two-bit criminals who pull a heist job. In the middle of the robbery, the cops show up, leading the group to believe they have a squealer in their midst. The movie flips around to different times as the group tries to work out who’s responsible for the crackdown. The movie has Tarantino’s personal stamp of gratuitous violence, a dash of humor, and tons of gunslinging.

“Gone in 60 Seconds”
Gone In 60 Seconds - Heist Flick Angelina Jolie
The idea of having your car stolen is decidedly not awesome, so the reason we all love “Gone in 60 Seconds” is kind of a mystery. Yet another 1960s remake, it’s about a car thief who botches a job so badly that his reformed older brother has to step in and clean up his mistakes. A massive car heist – stealing 50 cars in one night – to save him from the kingpin pulling the strings, while a police unit follows the trail and threatens to derail the job. A crew works together to pull the heist on wheels, so if you love car chases, this one’s for you.

“Catch Me if You Can”
Catch Me If You Can - Heist Movie Leondardo DiCaprio
Most heist movies require a gang working together to pull one over on law enforcement, but Frank Abagnale Jr., a real con man, did it all on his own. “Catch Me if You Can” tells the true story of a boy who learns to forge checks and pay himself big money as he travels around the country, all before he’s 19. He impersonates airline pilots, a doctor, and even a lawyer while he’s relentlessly pursued by the FBI. It all works out in the end, though. After being captured, Abagnale eventually becomes an FBI Employee, working in the fraud department.

The next time you’ve got itchy fingers for a heist, do me a favor and watch a movie instead of calling up your friends. Trust me when I say that heists are best left to Hollywood; the only heist you need to pull is the one that requires a stealthy raid of the fridge.

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  1. I absolutely loved the Oceans series. Oceans 11 was the best, but I enjoyed them all.

  2. “there’s something awesome about a group of criminals working together to steal from The Man”

    Even better is when the group of criminals robs casino, and in the end the old woman gets all the loot and gives it as a charity to the local church 🙂

    I forgot, by the way, what is the name of the movie?

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