December 15, 2017

Texas Police Officer Shot by Illegal Immigrant – Dashcam Video

Do You Agree with the Arizona Law on Illegal Immigrants?

Whether you agree with the new Arizona immigration law or not, there’s one thing that cannot be disputed… This particular incident would NOT have happened if U.S. immigration laws were actually enforced.

This police dashcam video shows Steve Stone, with the Texas Department of Public Safety, attempting a routine traffic stop for speeding. Finding alcohol in the vehicle and drugs on the driver, officer Stone attempts to place the driver under arrest. That’s when things go terribly wrong.

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When the passenger of this vehicle exits the automobile, a fierce gun fight begins with the assailants emptying their semi-automatic weapons in the direction of Officer Stone.

An estimated 20 rounds were fired by the driver and passenger of the vehicle. Texas Police Trooper Steve Stone is shot five times – twice in the chest; once in the back; and three times in the neck. Officer Stone falls into an embankment as he is shot and is not able to return gunfire. His bullet-proof vest helps to save his life, but he is still badly injured and in life-threatening condition.

The shot in the back was not stopped by his bullet-proof vest and exited through the front of his shoulder. The three shots to the neck left Trooper Stone barely able to speak, but luckily, did not severe his aorta artery. As the two gunmen flee the scene in their truck, Officer Stone was then able to crawl to his patrol car and use its radio to summon help.

illegal immigrant shooting police officer Stone

Driver of the vehicle shoots Officer Stone from point blank range. Driver and passenger then unload their guns in the direction of Officer Stone.

Officer Stone was able to speak enough to give a description of the vehicle and the assailants. Thanks to Officer Stone’s speedy description, the two men were soon spotted. This time, however, they would not pull over. The ensuing police chase ended in an automobile accident. Both assailants survived and were taken to jail, where it was discovered that the driver was an illegal immigrant who had been criminally deported — get this – not once, but two times — prior to this incident for felony drug and weapons violations. This would have been the driver’s third strike.

After barely surviving the car crash, the two gunmen were convicted of several counts of aggravated assault on a public servant and sentenced to life in prison.

Despite his life-threatening injuries, Officer Stone survives the tragic ordeal. And, later, after two years of physical therapy, he returns to the job as an investigator. “I didn’t want my little girl to have to grow up without a father,” stated Officer Stone. “I didn’t want my wife to have to explain to her why I wasn’t around,” he added.

This is truly a sad story that seems to be happening more an more throughout America… Illegal immigrants, many of whom have already been deported, involved in major felony crimes.

Car crash and illegal immigrant who shot Texas Officer Stone

These two images from the video show the crashed get away car and the twice deported illegal immigrant who shot Officer Stone.


  1. Pretty good post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts. Any way I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon.

  2. I absolutely support it. It may be unconstitutional, but how funny it is that the same people who point that out also support an unconstitutional health care policy, and don’t seem to care that the reason the law was created in the first place is because of the refusal of the federal government to enforce the laws that already exist and are meant to prevent this from happening.

  3. The issue at stake here isn’t on detecting illegal immigrants, the e you, or at least the video you’ve shown identified the shooters as convicted illegal immigrants that were already on ‘two strikes’.

    The issue lies in implementing the deportation effectively, rather than enforcing harsher, unnecessary racial discrimination against well in this particular instance, Mexicans. OK, if the two criminals were Asian, or African American, or perhaps Caucasian instead of Mexican, would this support the case of having Chinese and Black and Caucasians carrying all their required documents then?

    I would furthermore argue NONE of this would occur if marijuana was legalized, or at the bare minimum decriminalized. How does it make any sense whatsoever for alcohol to be any more legal than weed should? I’ve heard countless tales of people getting into brawls over alcohol, but weed?

    It is a great shame when those that are involved in implementing social policies never really show empathy for those most affected by them.

    • Hey Chris… Just wanted to say that I agree with many of your points. There should certainly be a better system to keep those who have already been deported (twice, no less) out of the country. Stopping people like this at the border, instead of harassing normal, law abiding citizens already in the country makes much more sense to me.

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