January 16, 2018

Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) Move South Thanks to Solar Storms

Solar Storms Responsible for Special Treat… Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) Visible Farther South

The Northern Lights, normally only visible in the far northern reaches of the globe, are being viewed in lower Canada, portions of the United States, Norway, and other countries throughout the world.

Watching the Northern Lights

Watching the Northern Lights

This photo — taken on August 3, 2010 – in Longford, Ontario — shows a young man watching the Northern Lights from a location much farther south than is normally possible.

Solar storms on Sunday, August 1, 2010 sent plasma hurling toward the Earth. The plasma blast is responsible for giving millions of people around the world this special treat… Seeing the Northern Lights from locations much farther south than normally possible!

Aurora Borealis as seen from Canada

Northern Glow and Star Trails

This incredible photo of the Aurora Borealis — taken August 3rd, 2010 in Ontario, Canada — shows the glow of the Northern Lights amongst a backdrop of star trails in the Canadian skyline. This is an awesome photo of the Northern Lights.

Glow of Northern Lights

Rare Appearance of the Northern Lights in Ontario, Canada

The photographer of these photos, Robert Snache, stated that this wasn’t the glow he was looking for. However, I feel the glow of the city lights mixed with the green hue of the Northern Lights makes for one FANTASTIC photograph!

Photo Source Robert Snache.

Viewing the Northern Lights this far south is a true treat for anyone who can get out and catch a glimpse of this awe-inspiring natural phenomenon.

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  1. Can’t believe nobody has blamed this on “global warming” yet. LOL.

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