January 16, 2018

Oops – Celebrity Mischa Barton Caught Picking Her Nose in Public

Busted Actress… The OC Star Mischa Barton Caught on Film Picking Her Nose!

Okay, you know that everyone does something silly (like pick their nose in public) every now and then. But, if you are a famous Hollywood actress who is stalked by the Paparazzi 24/7, wouldn’t you be a little more discreet than Mischa Barton is below?

I mean, c’mon… Why would you do this with Paparazzi all over the place?

And, I’m no fashion superstar (by any stretch of the imagination), but what exactly is Mischa wearing in these photos? I mean, seriously, if you are that famous and that wealthy… Can’t you find something a little more appealing to wear?


  1. She’s just gross. Gone WAY down hill since The O.C. days.

  2. Filthy Vile Skank.

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