January 16, 2018

Joke of the Month – August 2010

Your Momma Is So Fat… Vote for Your Favorite Joke Punchline!

Your Momma Jokes!! Vote for your favorite “Your Momma is So Fat…” joke below. This joke will run until September 1, 2010. Check back often to see the results.

And the winner is:
Your Momma Is So Fat…
When She Goes to the Movies, She Sits Next to EVERYONE.
(With 29% of the total vote!)

Your Momma is So Fat Jokes Fat Women in Bikinis

Your Momma Is So Fat...


Photo Credit – Uniquely

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  1. Your Momma Is So Fat… She jumped in the air and got stuck!!

  2. Yo Momma is So Fat… When she wears white, people think she’s the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man!!!

  3. Alvaro Martinez momma joke

    Yo mom so dumb she stole free Breads.

  4. Your mom is so fat she sat on walmart and lowered the prices.

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