January 16, 2018

Ikea Lets 100 Cats Loose in Store – Herding Cats (Video)

Furniture Store Let Herd of Cats Loose Just to See What Would Happen

An IKEA dealer in the UK decided to release 100 live cats into its store overnight. “Why” – you might ask? Well, why not!

When I first heard about this funny video, I assumed the furniture dealer was conducting this experiment both as a publicity stunt and to show how well their furniture products withstand abuse by the clawed felines. But, the video doesn’t seem to focus on testing the furniture at all. It appears they really did this just for the fun of it!

Letting 100 Cats Loose in Ikea Store

Go Cats, Go!

Cats being released in the English Ikea store!

The video is odd, interesting, and funny – all at the same time. Some of the cats seem rather relaxed, comfy, and right at home – while others looked to start fights or simply explore as much of their new surroundings as possible.

Cats Fighting Ikea Store

The video team used many cameras to capture the cats from all angles. They even had night vision cameras to track the cats and record all the action. The cats fight with one another, climb into boxes, play on the Ikea furniture, and climb walls and shelving. One cat even got stuck between a section of walling.

Cat flying through Ikea Store

If you’re a cat lover, you will enjoy this video. Even if you’re not a cat lover, watch it anyway – it is a very interesting experiment to say the least.

Infra-Red Night Vision View of Cat in Ikea Store

Night Vision Camera

Cute Kitty Ikea Herding Cats

Awe... This Kitty is Adorable!

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