January 18, 2018

How to Take the Last Doughnut

How to Take the Last Doughnut Hold the doughnut aloft and announce, “This is the last one. Does anyone want to split it with me?” Touch as much of the doughnut’s surface area as possible.

Warning… This will work on everyone, except the co-worker that doesn’t give a crap about germs. This person will eat the doughnut out of spite, even if they don’t want it.


  1. I love this so much! It is totally hilarious but so accurate. Doughnuts are one of my favorite foods, and I’m always so bummed when I see there is only one left and I have to share it. Where did you find the graphic for this- did you draw it? It is just perfect. I will definitely be using this technique the next time there is a doughnut emergency. Haha!

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