December 15, 2017

How to Ditch a Guy (Like an Adult) in 10 Days

Dump Your Boyfriend in 10 Days

Ladies. You’re strong. You’re independent. You’re a warrior. So why are you sticking with this immature boy who isn’t giving you what you need, let alone what you deserve? It’s time to ditch him. Kick him to the curb. Say peace be with you.

Tough talk, huh?

Well, we all know it’s not easy to leave a guy, and we need to find our inner tiger to do so, or simply to realize it’s time. Why are you still together and wondering what to do? I’ll tell you. Because the initial romance was so fairytale. You weren’t looking for a boyfriend, right? He just came along and swept you off your feet. But you’re not feeling it anymore. And you haven’t for awhile. You ask yourself a few questions: Could he change? Could it go back to the way it was a year ago before he moved in with you?

Dump Your Man

No, and NO!

Step One Have Courage

Believe in yourself and your decision to release the Kraken. He’s held you down; not supportive enough; and worst of all, he never tells you that you look pretty anymore. He’s lazy and doesn’t follow through on his promises. He won’t go to dinner with your family and if he does, he gets drunk and embarrasses you. Honey, it’s so time to find someone new. Or, to just take a break from relationships and become independent, once again.

Step Two Be the Bigger Person

There are many methods that women choose in order to break up with an unknowing soul: The “Let’s be friends” conversation or make him jealous tactic. You might become aloof, maybe even a raging lunatic to try to scare him off. You argue with everything he says…These aren’t good methods to avoid madness, ladies. Be the bigger person and offer constructive criticism. For example, instead of saying “YOU don’t care” or “YOU don’t follow through,” instead say, “I feel we aren’t communicating” or “I need some alone time.” Avoid accusations. They can be hurtful and have lingering effects.

Step Three Order the Moving Truck, Now

Before you have the talk, arrange a truck through uShip moving companies or contact a friend or relative with a truck if you don’t have much stuff. Just make some plans and get out quickly. It’s very likely he will sob and you’ll cave and give him another “last chance.” Or, he will get angry and make every day a living hell until he gets out of your place. Hopefully he’ll feel the disconnection too, and he’ll be happy to move onward and upward to new heights.

Step Four Encourage Sharing

To get him going, you’ll need to assist in the sorting and packing of items. This may get a little emotional. Stay strong, girl. Sometimes it’s hard to remember what’s yours vs. his, but since you’re the dumper, keep a generous heart and remember that you can go get a new set of drinking glasses. You can grab another silver wine glass at the Renaissance fair next year. But it will be a little difficult to get an original Dylan vinyl. Keep that. Be strong.

Step Five The Goodbye

This is the tricky part. Do you want to try to be friends? I mean, you did spend over a year of your lives together. You were best friends and lovers for a portion of that time, why does it have to end so abruptly. While friendship works for the very strong of people, it doesn’t work for others. You need to evaluate your personal situation but typically, try not to be there when he leaves and give him some space. No texting that you miss him. Just, no! Being woman enough to let him move on will empower you to stay the course.

Article Written By: Jackie O’neill
It has been Jackie’s dream to help women who have issues with their self image to feel more confident about themselves and their body. She gives fashion and makeup advice to women who are plus sized and have low confidence.

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