December 15, 2017

Heather Mitts – No. 4 Hottest (USA) Female Athlete

Heather Mitts – Our Number 4 Hottest Female Athlete

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Pictures of our Number 4 Hottest Female Athlete – Heather Mitts…

Heather Mitts in Sexy Black Dress
Heather Mitts in a sexy black dress. Wow.

Heather Mitts Looking Hot on Soccer Field
Heather Mitts looking hot in a skimpy top on soccer field. If women’s uniforms looked more like this, soccer viewership would increase by 1000%.

The Beautiful Heather Mitts
The slicked back hair look! Very nice and sophisticated.

Heather Mits skimpy clothes showing tattoo
Heather in skimpy clothes. You can see what looks to be about 1/2 of a tattoo. Anybody know what it is?

heather mitts playing soccer
Heather Mitts playing soccer. Looks like she has a really strong leg!

Heather Mitts Looking Sexy
Heather Mitts is quite possibly the sexiest soccer player alive!

Heather Mitts Foxy 70
Heather Mitts – Foxy 70.

Heather Mitts in Bikini
Heather Mitts in Bikini.

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Heather is one of the most beautiful soccer players in the world. Mitts is a two-time Olympic Gold medalist – as a member of the USWNT for the 2004 and 2008 Summer Olympics.

Mitts played college soccer for the University of Florida, and thereafter, she has played professionally for the Philadelphia Charge, Boston Breakers and Philadelphia Independence of WPS.

Heather has represented the United States in over 100 competitive matches.

June 9, 1978 / Cincinnati, Ohio

5′ 5″ Tall


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