February 24, 2018

Funny and Interesting Animal Pictures – Funny Dogs, Cats & Other Animals

Check Out These Funny and Interesting Animal Pictures for a Quick Laugh…

Dog Used as a Horse by Monkey

Dog Rodeo? Cowboy Monkey? Or... ?????

A dog being used as a horse by a monkey at a rodeo? This is a very funny picture!!
Dog on Donkey

Dog Riding a Donkey's Back

A dog standing on the back of a donkey – taken in Globe, Arizona sometime in the 1920’s. (No donkeys were harmed during the production of this photograph.)
Dog Painted Like Skunk

Pepe le Pew?

Surrogate Mother?

cow costume on dog

Cow Costume on a Dog -- Not perfectly sure this works.

Small dog humping leg of big dog funny picture

Small Dog Humping Leg of Big Dog. Don't believe it's supposed to work this way!!!

prairie dog closeup

Hello There!!! Up close and personal with a prairie dog.

Worlds Ugliest Dog

This has to be the World's Ugliest Dog.

You’ve surely heard the expression “So Ugly It’s Cute” – Right? Well, this Dog is so Ugly It’s Funny!!! (Not so sure I’d say he’s cute, however.)
Naked Mole Rat

Have You Ever Seen a Naked Mole Rate Up Close? No? Well, you have now!!

mean dog

Uh Oh!!! Where'd He Come From?

ground squirell and birds

No Wait... That's Mine!!


This Gives “Piggy Back Riding” a Whole New Perspective!
cat and porcupine sharing food

BFFs... Cat and baby porcupine.

Awe… They’re so cute together!
Crazy Cat

Love the Eyes on this One. She's too cute!

dog on back of donkey

So, I guess dogs riding on the back of donkeys is a pretty common thing???
Koala Bear Bath

Funny Picture. A Koala Bear taking a bath.

Ever Seen a Koala Bear Take a Bath?

Well, That's One Way to Stay Warm.

mother rhino with her baby

Mother Rhino with Her Baby.

bird catching fish

cat playing with cork

flying dog

Not Exactly Sure What's Going On in this Photo, but it Looks Like a Flying Dog!


  1. These are cute…. however donkeys and dogs together are not the norm. They are natural enemies, and donkeys are very well known for killing dogs on sight. (They stomp them to death or break their necks.)

  2. The picture of the little dog humping the big dog’s leg is freaking fantastic.

  3. That last picture is UNDER DOG!!!!!!! “Here I Come to Save the Day!!!!!” LOL

  4. First one was very funny pic – the monkey rider. I like these funny pics. Thanks for sharing this post with us.
    Keep it up. Nice blog.

  5. Really funny animal pics. Love the dog running into the german shepherd. AWESOME.

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