January 16, 2018

Funny Beer Photos That Will Make You LOL!

Funny Beer Photos

What did you just say? You want some funny beer photos so you can lawl on the floor? Have no fear; we aim to please and below you will find what you are looking for. Just try not to laugh too much if viewing from work.

The Beer Tank
Funny The Beer Tank
Just wow! Now that would definitely make us want to visit the supermarket to check it out. Kegs as wheels, crates as the body and a beer bong for the hatch, all equal a beer drinkers dream. We wonder if the employee who created this got sacked for “messing around?” He deserved a promotion in our eyes.

Cheers, Mate
Funny Beer Glasses Breaking Cheers
The next time someone says “let’s clunk our glasses together” reply with, no thanks. As you can probably tell from the photo, the night probably ended shortly after this. The girl also received most of the beer, but she is probably used to getting covered.

Beer Christmas Tree
Beer Christmas Tree
With it being December (at the point of writing this post) this picture is perfect. It gives you a reason to drink beers a few weeks before Christmas too. I bet a guy created this while the wife was at work and as soon as she got back he was told he had to take it down… NOW!

Where’s My Beer, Bro?
Wheres My Beer Bro - Funny Beer Picture
The fact that the guy dropped his beer is funny on its own, but the fact that he is now drinking air is even funnier. This is one of the photos that was taken at just the right time.

Don’t Waste Beer
Dont Waste Beer - Funny Beer Photos
We would have hated to be the guy who was driving the truck that crashed, oh wait, it’s only Grolsch, he did the world a favor. The guy in the photo is a legend, not only did he know not to waste beer but he wanted a photo taken as well.

Check Out My Six-Pack
Funny Beer Photos - Check Out My Six Pack
Only a beer drinker could have been this creative to sellotape 6 bottles of beer to his chest to create a six pack made out of beer. He should be smiling as he is the coolest kid at the party.

Beer Carrying Wife
Funny Beer Demotivational Poster
We could have tried to be sexist, but the picture caption says it all: “A Wife! Because Beer is Heavy!” With that being said, wow, that would have added up to some weight. You can tell why the guy married her can’t you?

Cold as Your Girlfriend’s Heart
Funny Beer Sign - Cold As Girlfriends Heart
Oh snap! They did however spell girlfriend wrong. I am sure people trying to be “funny” and say “that must be some warm beer then.” To those people we say… failed!

The Beer Explosion
Beer Explosion - Funny Pictures
Poor guy! We reckon that he is pulling the face of disappointment rather than sadness due to the spillage of beer. Anyway, why do so many people seem to have a camera ready and take pictures at the perfect time?

Beer Fetching Dog
Funny Beer Fetching Dog Picture
Just another reason why a dog is a man’s best friend. There seems to be hate towards Coors Light so we are waiting for a witty comment regarding that. We will say one thing though… Jean-Claude Van Damme.

My Beer is Almost Empty
Beer Almost Empty - Funny Smiling Face Beer
Who says beer doesn’t have feelings? We can imagine how this went down “Bro, get my f###ing camera out NOW!” What most people don’t know is that the pint was also smiling when it was full.

One Beer a Day
One Beer A Day - Funny Giant Beer Photo
Now this is taking the “one beer a day rule” to the extreme. Can you imagine how much this can would cost if it was real? That and the fact that once it’s open there is no turning back. Best get the friends over.

Thanks A Lot, Bro
Thanks a Lot Bro - Funny Beer Bong Photos
When something fails and it’s completely your own fault, it’s annoying but you can live with it. When something fails and it’s your friend’s fault – then rage time kicks in. The friend had one simple job of holding the beer bong. That’s it. Hey, it’s harder than it looks.

Broken Beer Bottles – Funny Beer Photo
Broken Beer Bottles - Funny Beer Photos
You can tell the guys in the photo were proper gutted when they dropped the create of beer. It was obviously the guy in white’s fault. We love how they made a cross out of twigs and mourned over their loss.

It’s Okay Honey, I’ll Grab The Heavy One
Funny Beer Pics - Honey Ill Get the Heavy One
What makes this picture more epic is the fact that the woman is carrying the crate one handed. She’s definitely a keeper. The guy is then casually carrying his measly pack of 6 beers. Who knows, maybe it was the “carry your own” rule and the woman can demolish a full crate.

Getting Messy With The Gran
Funny Beer Photos - Saturday Night
Who says that old people’s homes are boring. The woman in the chair is having too much fun, the woman in the middle is going to steal some drinks and the Johnny Depp looking guy it just too cool to be there.

Beer Sidecar
Funny Beer Sidecar Invention
Priorities first! What’s the point of having a side car that a person can ride in when you can have one that could be filled with beer? Introducing the ultimate redneck motorbike. Awesome.

Do You Have Any Beers, Bro?
Do You Have Any Beers Bro - Funny Beer Fridge Photo
The ultimate bro’s fridge has only the essentials. Let’s play a game, how many beers do you think is in the fridge? The closest person wins – and no cheating by counting.

Beer In The Face – Funny Beer Photos
Beer In the Face - Funny Beer Photos
Another beer bong fail picture. It’s unbelievable how such a simple device can end up with everyone in the room laughing at you. It doesn’t matter, you either have it or you don’t.

Human Beer Bottle Outline
Funny Human Beer Bottle Body Outline
Everyone knows the rule of trying to keep awake at a party and that the first person who falls asleep is not going to wake up looking the same, right?

This post was written on behalf of Beer Bong Bros, a site where you can buy beer bongs as well as other drinking devices.


  1. Beer as cold as your girlfriend’s heart is the best!
    Ouch… here is the problem, I don’t have girlfriend 🙁

  2. BWAHAHAHAHA!!! … That’s awesome! But, my absolute favorite … the Beer Tank! … Epic!

  3. I just LOLed my pants off. This stuff is crazy. You deffo need more posts like this. Can not wait to show the boys. I especially loved the “bring that bro a beer” dog.

  4. Haha great selection of drunk photos!

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