February 24, 2018

Funny Animated GIFs

Funny Animated GIFs Collection

Animated GIFs are graphic files that are composed of multiple different images on top of each other. Together these images are compressed and work together (creating movement) to give the appearance of a mini movie. GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format.

Below we present you with a short collection of eight funny animated GIFs. (NOTE: This page may take a minute or two to load, as this format of image has to load completely before it will play smoothly.) Enjoy…

Funny Dive Fail Animated GIF

Funny Diving Fail. This is a big concern for many people… Slipping off the diving board with a lot of other people watching. Hopefully his head (and his pride) is okay!
Source = JJ.am

Funny Shark Peeing Animated GIF

Ha. Sticking with our “water sports” theme from above, take a look at this funny shark as he shows these divers who the ocean belongs to!!

Funny Truck Wreck Animated GIF

This is only funny because it isn’t your truck / trailer!! (Amazingly, I’ve been told the people in the truck were not harmed.)
Source = JJ.am

Funny Dog Sledding Image

Too funny. This little dog shows his owner who’s the boss!!

Funny Old Man Falling on An Escalator

Okay, this one really isn’t “funny” (unless you just hate elderly people or something), but it still made me laugh. So, I thought I’d share it with you anyway. (And, no… I don’t hate older people.) It looks like this guy is okay, but did you know there is actually a large group of people who are AFRAID of escalators? Escalaphobia isn’t an official term just yet, but a lot of people are indeed scared of escalators and have coined this term. There’s even a Facebook group page devoted to the fear of escalators. Crazy!
Source = JJ.am

Levitating Girl Animaged GIF

This one is more “cute” than funny. But, it is a very well done animated GIF, so I hope you enjoy it anyway!

Lion Surprises Kid Funny Animated GIF

Woah, Mom… Why didn’t you tell me there was a Lion back there???

Funny Kite Fail

This guy really gets taken for a ride!
Source = GifBin.com


  1. The dog / sled image is too funny!! Thanks for sharing these!!

  2. That old guy on the escalator is a f##king idiot! That’s all, a f##king idiot! All the years, this stupid f##k lived so far? give me a break what an a$$!!

  3. You are so mean. Poor old man probably had cuts and bruises all over him.

  4. lol all the pics are hilarious. Especially the last one where the guy lost his shoes rofl xD

  5. Awesome gifs!

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