February 24, 2018

Funny Animated GIFs – Part 2

Funny Animated GIF Collection

Here we present you with another hilarious collection of eleven funny animated GIFs. Hopefully some of these will bring a little joy to your day!! (View Part 1 of our Funny Animated GIFs collection…)

(NOTE: This page may take a minute or two to load, as this format of image has to load completely before it will play smoothly.)

Funny Animated GIF Fire ExtinguisherFunny GIF of a man “riding” a fire extinguisher. Could this possibly be real? Would make a great episode for the MythBusters to debunk!

Funny Animated GIF Guy Flips Over RockThis is what happens when you try to impress girls at the beach. Faceplant.

Funny Animated GIFs Acrobat BoobsNot quite sure what these people are doing, but the look on the woman’s face as the guy gropes her is priceless.

Funny Animated GIF Boating FailFunny boating fail. What was this guy even trying to do? Did he think he could stop the momentum swing of the heavy battery by switching hands??

Funny Animated GIF Girls on TreadmilAwesome treadmill animated GIF image. I love how the girl in front is making fun of the other girl as she is flipping through the air. Too funny.

Skater Girl Funny Animated GIFOuch.

Funny GIF Parking Meter CrunchThis certainly looks unpleasant, but I’d bet the skater girl above was in more pain.

Funny GIF Girl Backflips Off BedLesson for all you kids out there… Your parents are right… Jumping on the bed is dangerous. 🙂

Funny Animated GIFOwned!!!! (I guess he deserves it though, for wearing that funky hat.)

Funny Animated GIFs Dog Tackles BoyScore… Crazy Dog = 2. Poor Defenseless Child = 0.

Exploding Fireworks Funny Animated GIFHere’s a thought… Let’s get a bunch of highly explosive fireworks, duct tape them to the end of a sledge hammer, and then slam it into a metal plate. Nothing bad could happen, right???

Credits: SeniorGif.com, EpicFailGifs.com, GoofyGifs.com, GifBin.com, GifDay.com


  1. The guy fishing is Bill Dance and he was loading the boats extra battery.

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