December 15, 2017

Funny and Thought-Provoking Car Ads

Funny Car Advertisements (Videos)

Commercials often escape our attention. They are often just an irritating distraction during your favorite TV shows or, with the advent of TiVo, simply images whizzing past in silence.

Funny Car AdsSometimes ads can be creative, thought-provoking and funny. They can catch our attention and make the product desirable, not because of false claims of advertising or catchy jingles, but because they are creatively filmed and provoke a smile or make us think. You probably wouldn’t want to buy a product without researching its trustworthiness and ability to meet your needs, but aren’t you more likely to look into the purchase if its commercial sticks in your mind because it made you laugh, tear up or share it on Facebook?

Recently, the Detroit Auto Show voted on the top 10 best commercials for cars of the past 25 years. Ads from many different companies were nominated, and the content varies from humorous to serious and touching.

It works to the car manufacturer’s benefit if their commercials stick in the viewer’s mind. A clever and catchy phrase or a touching and powerful scene (think the recent Dodge Ram “God Made a Farmer” Superbowl ad) can be an effective marketing tactic. Targeted consumers looking for new or used cars may be more likely to test drive a car that, say, cute hamsters seem to be having a blast driving it through the streets.


Cultural references often work effectively toward catching consumer’s attention, and Volkswagen used a well-recognized cultural icon, Darth Vader,  to get a smile out of viewers. A young child, obviously infatuated with the Star Wars movies, is dressed as Darth Vader and spends his day running around trying to influence things with the force. He is unsuccessful until his father comes home and, at least in his son’s eyes, proves his powers. This Superbowl ad caught 55 million viewers attention, both online and during airtime. The ad makes you laugh and say “aww.”

Another nominee from Volkswagen, the “Lamp Post” ad is simple but hilarious. Two men, wrap up a lamp post in padding and put up a poster. The last shot of the ad is a man, captivated by how cheap and attractive the vehicle is, walking directly toward the pole. Thoughtful, huh?


Honda, looking to revamp a brand that until then had a bit of an image identity problem, came out with their famous “Cog” ad. The ad was shot in one take, and features a Rube-Goldberg machine-type set up— a complex series of reactions that accomplish a fairly simple task, in this case releasing the Accord banner— that features different parts of their vehicle. The pieces gradually get larger until it reaches the full car. The ad culminates with the Accord banner being released. The ad focuses on Honda’s desire to be seen as an intelligent decision to car buyers, but also a fun and quirky one too.

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  1. That Cog ad by Honda is pretty impressive. I wish I had imagination enough to think up something like that. Well Done!

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