January 19, 2018

Favorites from DearPhotograph.com – Part 2

New Photos of Old Photos – Dear Photograph

We originally wrote about DearPhotograph.com in September 2011. And, the response was so great that we have decided to update that post with Part 2. So, please enjoy taking a look at the nostalgic photograph collection below, from DearPhotograph.com

DearPhotograph - Girl on Swing Dear Photograph,
If only standing up on the swing was the most rebellious thing you did…

DearPhotograph Auburn Football Mom Tackles Grandma Dear Photograph,
I’ve watched alot of great football games for the past 20 years at Auburn. But seeing my mother tackle my grandmother is still one of the all time hall of fame moments for me.

Dear Photograph Halloween Dear Photograph,
Why can’t I feel all the color that Hallowe’en used to bring me? It’s hard to see the magic through grown up glasses…

DearPhotograph Karla Winning Season Dear Photograph,
My daughter’s soccer team rallied around Team Mom Karla, in a circle of love. I hope one day wearing pink will mean they’ve found a cure, because this year wasn’t Karla’s winning season.
Missing you, Betty

Old Farm House Picture from Dear Photograph Dear Photograph,
Seasons come and go, even the walnut tree is a ghost. Yet the old farmhouse endures, and we are glad to be its stewards.
T. and E.

Halloween Batman Kid Picture from DearPhotographDear Photograph,
There has always been a little superhero hiding, somewhere, in all of us. It’s what you do with your powers that makes you fly.

Great Halloween picture from DearPhotograph.com. They just don’t make Halloween costumes like these any more.

Hope He Never Forgets Picture from Dear Photograph Dear Photograph,
I hope he never forgets these walks.

Dear Photograph Picture Blue Steps Dear Photograph,
There’s a reason we had to paint these stairs blue. They just weren’t as colorful without these two.

Mustache Photo DearPhotograph Dear Photograph,
Thirty three years ago, while driving through the middle of the Sahara desert, my moustache was just a part of who I was. Day 19 of November 2011, it means so much more.

Army Veterans - Dear Photograph Photo Dear Photograph,
West Point is where we first pretended we were soldiers. Forty years later,we’re both army veterans.
John and Rob

These DearPhotograph.com pictures of an old photo in a new photo are truly amazing. So nostalgic and touching, they speak to the hearts of many, many people. Be sure to visit DearPhotograph.com to view more of these incredible pictures.

Or, view our original post here… DearPhotograph.com Favorites – Part 1.


  1. Absolutely know what he means about the mustache. I’ve had mine for only 5 years now, but it has truly become a part of who I am.

  2. Awesome Photography Thanks For Sharing.

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