February 24, 2018

Favorites from DearPhotograph.com

Dear Photograph – A New Photo of an Old Photo

DearPhotograph.com is an amazing website started by 22 year old Taylor Jones. The site is designed to let people share a new photo of an old photo, with a brief message addressed to the original image, or more accurately, to the past itself. Below we have a small collection of favorites from Taylor’s site. Enjoy…

September 11 Photo Twin TowersDear Photograph,
I was astounded, but I hadn’t had time to consider what I was seeing.
Mark Yokoyama

The idea for the site came to Taylor while sitting at the kitchen table where he and his family were looking at old family photos. Jones found a picture of his brother, taken in the same kitchen years earlier, sitting in the same spot he was now. Taylor, meanwhile, was seated in the same position that his mother had been when she took the picture. He held up the old print, aligned it visually with its real-life background, and shot a new image of it.

Proud of DadDear Photograph,
At the time it was not common for a man to walk behind a pram. I’m still proud of my father.
Eva Willemier Westra

Best Place On EarthDear Photograph,
For one brief moment, this murky little duck pond became the most beautiful place on earth.

Dear Photograph Eifel Tower ParisDear Photograph,
Je t’aime Paris, but I love my mother more. After 15 years she finally brought me along!
Leah Romm

First Day of SchoolDear Photograph,
Letting go of my mother’s hand the first day of school was always the hardest.

Happily Ever AfterDear Photograph,
I found you in the attic when we moved in. I wonder if you lived happily ever after here…

Dear Photograph Mother Looking Over MeDear Photograph,
Over 25 years later, the house is still blue and my mother is still looking over me.

Dear PhotographDear Photograph,
The grass doesn’t seem as green without her around. I miss her and can’t wait to see her soon.
Love Dad

DearPhotographDear Photograph,
I told you there would be better days.
Joel Witte

One More TimeDear Photograph, If I could turn the corner in 1942 and walk right into my mother, I’d ask her “May I walk beside you one more time?”
Love, Your Daughter

For more of these fantastic photos, please be sure to visit Taylor’s site… DearPhotograph.com

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  1. Awesome, it even makes me nostalgic.

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