January 18, 2018

Evolution of the Rifle – Infographic

Rifle Evolution – 1600 to 2011

The folks at Cannon Safe have taken the time to put together a nice infographic showcasing the evolution of the rifle. Check out the details below featuring early 1600’s muskets all the way up to 2011’s gas operated, rotating bolt FN SCAR rifle…

Evolution of the RifleRifle Evolution TimelineRifle Evolution TimelineRifle Evolution 1600s the MusketCharleville MusketRifle Evolution 1800s Springfield RifleRifle Evolution 1850s Henry Rifle1866 Winchester RifleRifle Evolution 1873 Winchester ModelM 1903 Springfield Rifle1936 M1 Grand RifleRifle Evolution 1944 stG-44Evolution of the Rifle 1949 AK-471959 M-14 Rifle1964 M-16 RifleEvolution of the Rifle 1977 Steyr Rifle1994 M4 Carbine Rifle2007 FN Scar Rifle

Images Source = Cannon Safe

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  1. This is certainly a great graphic, but a number of stats seem way off. For one, the M4’s range is certainly not greater than the M14. Also, the rates of fire are decieving, accurate, sustained fire by any of the assault rifles (or even the Garand) would only be between 20-30 rpm at the maximum, 15 rpm being the figure accepted by the US Army for the M4.

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