December 15, 2017

Dead Whale – Thanks to BP Oil Spill

This image of a dead whale, soaked in oil and appearing to be burned as well, is all over the Internet. The odd thing to me is that people are actually disputing that it was killed by the BP oil spill.

Scientists found this sperm whale 77 miles south of the BP spill site off the Gulf Coast. (This is the most common description found with this photo. It clearly shows a sperm whale, soaked in oil.)

So, what do you think? Is there any doubt that this whale is dead because of the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico? I really don’t see that there is any controversy here.


  1. Just because scientists found this whale 77 miles south of the BP oil spill doesn’t mean that it was killed by the oil spill. It could easily have been killed by sharks and then floated into an oil slick. It looks half-eaten to me.

  2. @Olivia
    “…soaked in oil.”

    Oh yeah how can it come from the oil spill? Sharks killing a sperm whale?
    Sperm whales are believed to EAT sharks.

    From wiki:
    “…Sperm whales are believed to prey on the megamouth shark, a rare and large deep-sea species discovered in the 1970s”

    I think the whale died because of the oil spill. AFTER he died sharks and other fishes (you know there are other fishes that eat flesh don’t you?) begun to eat the whale.

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