February 24, 2018

Cute & Funny Christmas GIFs Collection

Cute, Funny Christmas Animated GIF Collection (33 GIFs)

We’ve put together a nice assortment of 33 cute, fun and funny Christmas GIFs for you to enjoy and share!

Santa & Reindeer Christmas GIFs
Merry Christmas Santa Tree Animated Merry Christmas animated GIF with Santa, Christmas Tree and blinking lights.

Funny Glitter Santa Reindeer Animated GIF Funny Glitter Santa Claus with Reindeer Animated GIF.

Cute Merry Christmas GIF Santa Polar Bears Cute Merry Christmas animated GIF with Santa and two adorable polar bear cubs.

Cool Reindeer Sunglasses Animated GIF Cool looking reindeer wearing sunglasses in this Merry Christmas animated GIF.

Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas Animated GIF Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas animated GIF with Santa Claus and reindeer.

Ice Skating Santa Christmas GIF Cute Ice Skating Santa Christmas GIF.

Cute Reindeer Lights in Antlers Animated GIF Here we have a cute reindeer Christmas animated GIF with blinking lights and burning candles throughout his antlers.

Dancing Santa Reindeer Funny Christmas GIF Dancing Santa and Reindeer Funny Christmas GIF.

Funny Christmas Animated GIF Kid Punching Santa Funny Christmas animated GIF – Kid punching Santa. (Lesson to All You Parents Out There – Get Your Kid What He Wants for Christmas!!!!)

Cute Christmas Animated GIF Blinking Reindeer

Funny Christmas Animated Gif Running Reindeer Santa Funny Christmas animated GIF – Reindeer and Santa running.

Funny Christmas Animated GIF Sleigh Hit by Airplane Oh, no!!!! Santa’s sleigh has been hit by an airplane.

Funny Christmas Animated GIFs Santa Dancing with Reindeer Another cute dancing Santa / reindeer animated GIF.

Snowman / Elf / Lights / Text / Miscellaneous, and Other Funny Christmas Animated GIFs
Happy Holidays Christmas Animated GIF Holiday Greetings from Our Family to Yours – Animated GIF.

Merry Christmas Fireplace GIF Cute picture frame Merry Christmas animated gif with fireplace.

Merry Christmas Ornaments GIF

Holiday Hugs Snowman Christmas Animated GIF Holiday Hugs Snowman.

Funny Cats Christmas Animated GIF For all the cat lovers out there, here we have a funny cats animated Christmas GIF featuring five different adorable kitty cats.

Funny Christmas GIF - Invite Frosty Snowman to Hot Tub Funny Christmas Animated GIF – Whose Idea Was It To Invite Frosty To Our Hot Tub?

Seasons Greetings Christmas GIF Seasons Greetings Animated GIF.

Elf Lights Christmas Animated GIF Cute Elf with blinking lights Christmas GIF.

Merry Christmas Animated GIF Red Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Cute Ornament GIF Cute Christmas GIF – Merry Christmas Ornament.

Merry Christmas Animated GIF Black

Funny Christmas Animated Gif - Cute Cat Another cute cat Christmas GIF.

Merry Christmas Wreath Animated GIF Merry Christmas Wreath Cute Animated GIF.

Merry Christmas Cute Animated GIF Candle Holder

Funny Christmas Lights Animated GIF This guy doesn’t seem too enthused about Christmas decorations.

Cute Santa Christmas Animation - Love Ya Love Ya!

Cute Christmas Tree Animated GIFs
Cute Christmas Tree Animated GIF Nice semi-realistic looking Christmas Tree animated GIF.

Merry Christmas Funny Christmas Animated Gif Merry Christmas Blinking Lights Christmas Tree GIF.

Funny Christmas Tree Happy Xmas GIF Small Christmas Tree Animated GIF – Happy Xmas.

Cute Christmas Tree Animated GIF Blinking Stars Cute Christmas Tree with Blinking Stars Animated Christmas GIF.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our collection of 33 Cute and Funny Christmas Animated GIFs.