January 19, 2018

Cute Dancing Girl Video Latest Viral Hit

Cute Dancing Girl Video Commercial Huge Viral Success

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Many of the best, most viral product commercials (videos) have a few things in common… They’re unique. They’re FUNNY. And, they don’t look like “traditional” commercials. In fact, many look home made. Don’t let this make you think they’re low budget or low tech, however.

Cute Dancing Girl Video for SamsungThe Cute Dancing Girl Samsung ad is a perfect example. It is interesting and very funny. At first, you may not even realize that the people in the background are actually dancing along with the little girl. Then, as everything begins to synch-up further and more people are added, you’re drawn-in by the cuteness of the girl and the fluidity of the dance and background expansion. By the time the entire town has joined in the video, you’re now enthralled by the video and left wondering exactly how they made it all happen.

You have to assume there are special effects involved in the making of this video, but man – they are good special effects and it’s very hard to tell that it isn’t a “home made” clip!

There have been a bunch of viral hit video commercials over the past few months to rival the success of this one. So, below we’re listing a few of our favorites. Please continue reading…

Swagger Wagon Rap! I just think this commercial is great. It is a continuation in the series of “average” people (who think they are above average) who have recently bought a Toyota Sienna mini-van. But, this time they are rapping about their lives. It is truly hilarious.

The Dodge “Monkey” Commercial Dodge used a monkey dressed as Evel Knieval for a few seconds of a recent Dodge car / truck sale commercial. The Monkey was not put in harm’s way, nor was it abused in any fashion. Yet still, PETA lodged complaints and threatened to cause trouble for the automotive dealer. So, Dodge decided to digitally remaster the video to “erase” the monkey and run the video that way. The result was a very funny clip and a huge success for Dodge…


  1. I had seen that Toyota ad on YouTube, and liked it so much that I downloaded it. Now, when I see a Sienna on the street, I’m just a tad disappointed that there isn’t background music.

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