January 16, 2018

Crazy Dancing Pregnant Girls – Funny Video

Cute, Extremely Pregnant Girls Dancing to “Fergilicious” – Funny Dance Moves and Funny Faces – Hilarious Video…

Crazed dancing pregnant girls!!! Wow, I’ve heard of baby bouncers, but I thought it was a term for a product like a baby swing or something. These cute and crazy pregnant girls take bouncing their babies to a whole new level!

If you don’t laugh at this, you’re not breathing!!!! 🙂 These two adobarly cute pregnant girls dancing around with their bellies showing… How can you beat that for a comedy video?

The blond girl in this video looks like she’s about to go into labor any minute. And, the facial expressions and hip thrusts from the brunette will make you laugh out loud – no matter where you are!

Crazy Dancing Pregnant Girls Exposing Their Bellies
Here’s a still shot from the video. The dancing pregnant girls video is hilarious. So, be sure to watch it.


  1. This is disturbing!!! Funny as H$ll, but disturbing at the same time. 🙂

  2. Man, I hope those babies turn out okay!!!!

  3. The blonde is beautiful. Anybody know her name?

  4. By the look of those two bellies:
    The blond is gonna have twin boys.
    The brunette is gonna have a baby girl.

    Only a woman knows this. And male doctors. Lmao.

  5. They obviously don’t know people have pregnancy fetishes. Also, I dread those poor children being raised by such tards.

  6. They should be ashamed to even BE pregnant!!!!!! this is where our money is going too ftards!

  7. Well, it’s obviously how they got pregnant in the first place. Their mothers are probably proud they at least waited until they were 12 to get knocked up. I bet they immediately turned into middle school drop-outs and went back to the hundreds of drugs they were on. At least their poor children are going to someone that will actually CARE for them!

  8. the blonde is like wow 15 yrs old?? 😮

  9. It wasn’t THAT funny really…

  10. Why are they even pregnant!? this is sad man,soon 12 years olds will be getting pregnant on the regular,these 2 dumb w##### don’t know what they are in for, no more parties, drinking or none of that other dumbs### you dumb### trend followers do,STUPID STUPID STUPID little girls these days!!!!

  11. The blond in this video is 19 and the brunette is 20. As for their dancing around GO THEM!!!! they are moving around and having fun and staying in shape. which is an important thing when pregnant.

  12. Cute video! Stop calling them dumb they are just having fun. People are so negative probably just jealous. I danced while I was prego and I dance around the house with my kiddos.

  13. Cute video! Stop calling them dumb they are just having fun.

  14. How are they going to raise children if they’re children themselves…Parents are supposed to be MATURE, which these two are obviously NOT

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