December 15, 2017

Coffee Art – Incredible Works of Art by Baristas

Beautiful Art Made on Coffee / Lattes

To a coffee drinker, there’s not much better than the first sip of a hot coffee made just the way he or she likes it. But, there is one thing that can and does indeed make that special coffee more enjoyable… Beautiful works of art on top of the coffee!
Barista Art on Coffee

No one knows for certain how long baristas have been creating these amazing, wonderful works of art in coffee cups. But, latte art has been in the U.S. for at least the last 20 years – since coffee houses in Seattle started the trend by creating simple patterns in the foam of their drinks. Since this time, barista art has turned into a global obsession, with everything from competitions and classes to online galleries and coffee houses that promise to provide a “work of art” with every coffee served.

Coffee Art Monkey Face

Barista Art 3 Artistic Lattes

Three Very Artistic Lattes

Beautiful Art on CoffeeCoffee ArtPredator Barista Coffee Art

Incredible Predator Barista Coffee Art!!

Panda Coffee ArtAnimals Barista ArtCute Barista Latte Art

Cute Barista Making Coffee Art
Latte Art Contests

Latte Art Smack Down

Latte Art Contests

Smack Downs / Latte Art Design Contests are relaxed and fun competitions where anyone who is willing can show off their skill at pouring coffee / latte art. These events are now held regularly in coffee houses all over the United States.
Dog Face Coffee Art

Some Baristas Even Create Animal Portraits on their Coffees

Coffee Art SwanSwirl Pattern Coffee Art

Coffee Art

Beautiful Coffee Art

Pegasus Coffee ArtBarista Art
Barista Making Coffee Art

Barista Making Latte Art

How To Make Coffee Art

Make yourself a coffee drink of any size, but be sure it has a shallow cap of soft foam on top. (This is typically called a cappuccino. A coffee with a hard foam cap is called ruined!! 🙂 ) Next, let the frothed milk rest for 30 seconds or so, prior to pouring. A layer of soft foam will form automatically. Do not attempt latte art until you get the soft foam surface. Then, slowly start pouring your milk to create your masterpiece! (Detailed instructions below.)
Angry Latte Art

The Barista that Served this Latte Must have been in a Bad Mood

Beautiful Latte Art

Coffee Art Coffees

Coffee Art

Image Source = Pamela Barclay

More Coffee ArtSkull Coffee Art

Now There’s Something You Don’t See Everyday… A Skull in Your Coffee

Coffee Art LeavesOcean Ship Latte Art

Beautiful Coffee Art Designs

Beautiful Coffee Art Designs

Rosetta Coffee ArtFace on Coffee Barista Art

How To Create Coffee Art – Detailed Steps:

  • Turn the handle of the coffee cup to the left and turn the saucer away from you if it has lettering. The setup should be facing the person being served if at all possible.
  • Let the frothed milk sit 10 to 20 seconds.
  • Next, tilt the cup towards yourself until it is close to spilling. The more the tilt, the more quickly the milk will mark the surface (rather than sinking out of sight), making for a more detailed design.
  • Then, you will slowly start pouring the milk at the lower end (closest to you) until you see a cloud of white billowing up.
  • For a heart design, move the pour towards the center, and move it side to side.
  • For a rosette design, move the pour to the far end and zig zag it towards your end.
  • Then, you will end the pour with a very light stroke away from you to the far end of the cup.
  • As you pour the milk, level (untilt) the cup smoothly so nothing spills onto the sides of the coffee cup.
  • That’s it. You’re on your way to creating marvelous works of art in your coffee!!

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  1. Very cool! I feel like my coffee always tastes better when they take the extra time to make it pretty 🙂

  2. These are amazing. I’m a barista here in Nashville, Tennessee and I’m just learning how to do make some more advanced artwork. The classes are fun!!!

    Thanks for sharing these.

  3. Wow, these are super cool coffees. The art is incredible – especially the faces they’ve made here. Gonna have to look up a place to see this where I live. Anyone know of anywhere in Columbus, Ohio that does this?

  4. These are amazing. I’m just learning how to do make some more advanced artwork.
    Thanks for sharing these.

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