February 24, 2018

Celebrity Prom Pictures

Celebrity Prom Dresses, Celebrity Prom Hair Styles, and More!

Everyone remembers their prom night. The excitement of the grand evening; Getting formally dressed for (possibly) the first time in your young life; Fun times with best friends; The limo ride (if you were lucky); And much more. Prom night is a favorite memory of people young and old!!

Here we have a collection of celebrities dressed up for their proms. So, reminisce about your special day / evening and enjoy seeing some of your favorite stars on theirs…

Brad Pitt and His Date Prom Picture

Brad Pitt and his prom date back in the 1980s. Not sure which one of these two is the prettiest! 🙂

American Idol Star Kellie Pickler Revealing Prom Dress

American Idol star / country music artist Kellie Picker’s prom dress didn’t leave much to the imagination, now did it?

Britney Spears Prom Picture Looking All Cute

Britney Spears looked extremely cute in her flaming red prom dress!

Fergie Prom Photo

Even back in the day, Fergie had all the boys’ attention.

Sandra Bullock Prom Dress and Date Picture

Sandra Bullock looks almost as happy at her prom as she does now that she’s dating Ryan Reynolds.

Demi Lovato Stunning Prom Dress

Demi Lovato took a childhood friend to her prom.

Michelle Obama Prom Picture Showing Leg Prom Dress

That’s NOT the president with First Lady Michelle Obama at her Prom. (Although she IS showing an awfully lot of leg in her prom dress.)

Courtney Cox Prom Dress Wasn't So Attractive

Courtney Cox’s prom dress wasn’t all that attractive, at least not in my humble opinion. Honestly, this doesn’t look much like the beautiful Courtney Cox that we see on TV today. But, she was still very cute back then!

Claire Danes Prom Photo

Claire Danes prom picture.


  1. Sandra Bullok kind of looks the same now as she did in her prom photo.

  2. It’s wonderful thhat you are getting thoughts from
    this ppst as well as from our dialogue made here.

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