December 15, 2017

Celebrities Who Changed Their Names

Real Celebrity Names

Lots of celebrities do it. Whether it’s because they had a very unremarkable real name (see Cary Grant), they just wanted to sound a little cooler, or because someone else already in the limelight had a similar (or exact) name — many popular stars from yesterday and today have taken on identities other than those given at birth. Take a look at some of the more interesting celebrities we found who changed their names…

Charlie Sheens Real Name is Carlos Irwin Estevez

Charlie Sheen = Carlos Irwin Estevez

Charlie Sheen

Real Name: Carlos Irwin Estevez — The embattled Two And A Half Men star changed his name to take on the last name of his father, Martin Sheen. His brother, Emilio Estevez, kept his name and the two were in several movies together in their younger careers.

Demi Moore Real Celebrity Name

Demi Moore = Demitria Gene Guynes

Demi Moore

Real Name: Demitria Gene Guynes — Hollywood cougar Demi Moore was actually born Demitria Gene Guynes. We can’t fault the now Mrs. Kutcher one bit for changing her name.

Jamie Foxx Real Name

Jamie Foxx = Eric Marlon Bishop

Jamie Foxx

Real Name: Eric Marlon Bishop — As a young stand-up comedian in 1989, Mr. Bishop realized that comedy clubs often put the female comedians first in the line up. So, he decided to change his name to something a little more unambiguous to try to get on stage earlier. He chose Jamie Foxx and the rest is history! Additionally, Jamie chose his new last name as a tribute to legendary comedian Redd Foxx.

Katy Perry Real Celebrity Name

Katy Perry = Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson

Katy Perry

Real Name: Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson — Not much of a change here. Katy simply decided that one famous person named Kate Hudson was enough, so she went with Katy Perry. We think it fits her, so nice decision!!

Real Celebrity Name Mr T

Mr T = Laurence Tureaud

Mr. T

Real Name: Laurence Tureaud — Born Laurence Tureaud, changed to Lawrence Tero, then finally to just “Mr. T” – Laurence has been a pop culture icon ever since his scene-stealing role of Clubber Lang in Rocky III. And, who can ever forget his famous quote… I Pitty The Fool!!!!

Cary Grant Celebrity Name

Cary Grant = Archibald Leach

Cary Grant

Real Name: Archibald Leach — One of Hollywood’s all-time leading men, Cary Grant was born Archibald Leach on January 18, 1904 in Bristol, England. Upon becoming a US Citizen in 1942, Mr. Leach legally changed his name to Cary Grant.

Vin Diesel Real Celebrity Name

Vin Diesel = Mark Sinclair Vincent

Vin Diesel

Real Name: Mark Sinclair Vincent — Hollywood hunk Vin Diesel changed his name while working as a bouncer at New York City nightclub Tunnel. He says that you don’t give out your real name when you’re a bouncer! Vin is simply short for his real last name, Vincent (duh!!). And, his friends gave him the nickname “Diesel” because they said he was full of non-stop energy.

Miley Cyrus Celeb Real Name

Miley Cyrus = Destiny Hope Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

Real Name: Destiny Hope Cyrus — Hannah Montana star and pop sensation Miley Cyrus was actually born Destiny Hope Cyrus. As a younger child, Destiny Hope’s famous father (Billy Ray Cyrus) liked to call her “Smiley Miley” because she was always happy and smiling. As she grew older, she liked the name and decided to call herself that, officially becoming “Miley” in January 2008.

Whoopi Goldberg Real Celeb Name

Whoopi Goldberg = Caryn Elaine Johnson

Whoopi Goldberg

Real Name: Caryn Elaine Johnson — Fascinated by “Whooppee Cushions” as a young girl, Whoopi wanted her stage name to become “Whoopi Cushion.” Thankfully for her, Caryn’s mother knew better. She convinced the young actress that no one would take her acting skills seriously with such a name and suggested Goldberg.

John Wayne Real Celebrity Name

John Wayne = Marion Morrison

John Wayne

Real Name: Marion Morrison — Possibly the most famous western / cowboy movie star of all time, John Wayne never legally existed. Born Marion Morrison, movie execs didn’t think his real name was “tough” enough, so they dubbed the star John Wayne – and it caught on. John’s close friends and family continued to call him Marion, however, and he never actually went through the legal process of changing his name.

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  1. Katy Perry was cute when she was younger. Nice find.

  2. Look up Peter Coyote. You will never guess.

  3. These are only a few of the tame ones. Think about the Ochocinco and the Metta World Peace and the Eminem. Like really? There’s a bunch more over at that are more remarkable, IMO, like the Prince symbol! Ha

  4. Portia de Rossi = Amanda Lee Rogers

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