February 24, 2018


Crazy Dancing Pregnant Girls – Funny Video

Crazy Dancing Pregnant Girls Exposing Their Bellies

Cute, Extremely Pregnant Girls Dancing to “Fergilicious” – Funny Dance Moves and Funny Faces – Hilarious Video… Crazed dancing pregnant girls!!! Wow, I’ve heard of baby bouncers, but I thought it was a term for a product like a baby swing or something. These cute and crazy pregnant girls take bouncing their babies to a whole new level! If you ... Read More »

Cool Old School Horror Movie Trailers – 50s & 60s Horror Movies

I Love Old Horror Movies! Below we have a starter collection of some great old horror movies. Watch these fantastic horror movie trailers. Then, if you haven’t seen these movies, go out and rent them the first chance you get. These are true horror movie classics. The Blob — 1958 The Creature from the Black Lagoon — 1954 The Fly ... Read More »

Singer Jewel Does Karaoke Undercover

singer jewel getting in disguise

Jewel Does Her Own Songs in Disguise at Karaoke Bar – Amazing Video and Photos of Jewel Singing at Karaoke Bar This is truly amazing. Singer-songwriter Jewel Kilcher goes undercover at a Karaoke Bar and sings her own songs. Donning a wig, fake nose, padded butt, glasses, and pretending to be with a group from a local convention, Jewel goes ... Read More »

BP Oil Spill – Airplane Coverage of the Disaster

The BP Oil Spill is Tragically Affecting Wildlife in the Gulf of Mexico… Whales, Birds, Dolphins – Nothing is Being Spared John L. Wathen defied BP “Laws” by flying his plane over the Gulf BP Oil Spill to video the affects of the disaster. This video provides an aerial view of the oil spill. By going against BP’s rules and ... Read More »