December 15, 2017


Evolution of the Rifle – Infographic

Evolution of the Rifle

Rifle Evolution – 1600 to 2011 The folks at Cannon Safe have taken the time to put together a nice infographic showcasing the evolution of the rifle. Check out the details below featuring early 1600’s muskets all the way up to 2011’s gas operated, rotating bolt FN SCAR rifle… Images Source = Cannon Safe To put this graphic on your ... Read More »

Tiny Robot Attempts to be Next Ironman

Tiny Robot Next Ironman

Most competitors shudder when they think about the Hawaiian Ironman. However, Evolta, a tiny robot from the imagination of Panasonic’s Tomotaka Takahashi, is poised to be the first machine to complete an Ironman Triathlon this October 24th in Hawaii. Coming in at a height of six inches, at just one-tenth the size of the average human male, Evolta is being ... Read More »

Jeb Corliss “Grinding The Crack” – Awesome Video

Awesome Video

Awesome Wingsuit Flying Video This is freaking amazing!!! Extreme BASE jumper and wingsuit pilot Jeb Corliss grinds freakishly close to the ground as he zooms through the air at 122 MPH in his wingsuit. This guy certainly knows how to grind. Watch for the cameraman who almost gets his head taken off about halfway through the video! Jeb Corliss created ... Read More »

Skydiver Falls 15,000 Feet and Lives to Tell About It

Skydiver Accident Michael Holmes

Amazing Survival Story – Skydiver Michael Holmes Plunges 15,000 Feet and Lives At 15,000 feet, the last thing any skydiver wants to have happen is for the parachute to fail to properly deploy. But, that is exactly what happened to Michael Holmes. Miraculously, however, Michael didn’t die as a result of the freak accident. Call it luck or a miracle ... Read More »

Memphis Cheerleaders Go Crazy (Video)

Memphis Cheerleaders Girls Go Crazy After Winning

Memphis Dance Team Girls – Crazy Title Celebration Earlier this season, the University of Memphis Spirit Squad won the National Championship in Hip-Hop Dance. When the winner was announced, all the girls went crazy. But, Captain Marina Barrett took “crazy” to a whole new level, celebrating and thrashing about like an uncontrollable wild woman when the announcement was made! Take ... Read More »

Totally Random Tuesday 3 – 20 Random Funny Images

Rubber Bands Face

Every Tuesday we present you with 20 of the funniest random images found on the Internet… Flickr – sunchaser whoaawesome Photo Credit Flickr – johnbullas Photo Source Flickr – rfduck Photo Credit Flickr – macwebb Image Credit Flickr – thenovys Photo Source Flickr – candrews Image Source Flickr – paolomargari Photo Credit Flickr – peturgauti « Totally Random Tuesday 2 Read More »

Should Female Reporters (Ines Sainz, Jenn Sterger) be Allowed in Pro Sports Locker Rooms?

Ines Sainz Butt

Jenn Sterger and Ines Sainz have Become Household Names. Not Because of their Talent or Professionalism – but Simply Because they are Beautiful Female Reporters who were Allowed Into Pro Sports Locker Rooms. Sexy Female Reporters Gallery… In case you’ve been living in a cave for the past few months, Ines Sainz is a Mexican news reporter who has become ... Read More »

Tiger Woods Hits Perfect Shot at Ryder Cup

Tiger Woods Best Golf Photo Ever

Tiger Woods and the Best Golf Photo You will EVER See! Wow, check out the below photo from this past weekend’s Ryder Cup. The U.S. Team lost a closely contested match, but at least came away with this awesome photo, possibly the best ever “in-action” golf photograph!! This photo is not faked nor altered with Photoshop. That is truly Tiger ... Read More »

Sports Joke – Change Team Name to The Possums

So the Coach Says to the Team… Listen Up Men… I’m Changing Our Team Name to “The Possums” One of the Players Says… “What… Why Coach?” Coach… Because We Play Dead at Home and Get Killed on the Road! Read More »

Venus Williams’ Dress at U.S. Open Causes Problems

Venus Williams Dress U.S. Open 2010

Venus Williams’ hot pink, sequined dress with matching Bedazzled tennis underwear was quite a distraction at the U.S. Open this weekend. Photo Credit Venus easily defeated No. 18 seed Shahar Peer in straight sets, but her self-designed dress clearly caused her issues throughout the match. On most points, the tight dress appeared to ride up Venus’ hips, showcasing her underwear ... Read More »