January 18, 2018


4 Plant-Based Energy Sources to Help Power Up Your Smartphone

Go Green Smartphone

As the world’s population continues to increase, our natural resources will become more rapidly depleted. Because we tend to look toward innovations in technology to produce more sustainable methods for producing energy, manufacturers are continuing to make huge inroads in developing more sustainable vehicles efficient as the computers and cell phones we use every day. Here are some innovations of ... Read More »

Girls Doing Eminem’s Rap God

Hot White Girl Doing Eminem Rap God

Here we have two girls doing a fantastic job performing Eminem’s Rap God. These girls rap the whole song in style and they both have fun doing it, in their own ways of course. Girl Covers Rap God by Eminem, Raps the Whole Thing with Ease Goth Girl Raps Eminem’s Rap God Read More »

15 Celebs with Heterochromia Iridis

Alice Eve - Heterochromia

Celebrities with Two Different Color Eyes Celebs with heterochromia iridis have a fascinating condition… Their eyes are actually two different colors. Sometimes this abnormality is barely noticeable and others, it really looks like the celebrity has two different eyes or is perhaps wearing two different color contacts. Whether under or overwhelming, each of the 15 celebs on our list below ... Read More »

1959 Chevy versus 2009 Chevy – Crash Test

Old Cruiser Versus New Tech – Which One Will Win? Did that turn out how you expected? Talk about it in the comments below. Thought the old tank would take out the new car like an elephant squashing a cat. Interesting. Read More »

Evolution of the Retail Brand Logo (Infographic)

Brands are Incredibly Powerful Consider the Pepsi Challenge. According to a series of blind taste-tests, Pepsi is more popular than Coca-Cola. Despite this, Coca-Cola always proves more popular than Pepsi when people are asked to choose between them. The reason for this? The power of the brand. Company logos evolve over time, adapting to fit modern tastes. Below we’ve investigated ... Read More »

Five Facts to Break Up Life’s Monotony

Lightning Strike

Break Up the Monotony If the world seems a little too mundane some days, it’s because we are hardwired to make it that way. According to researchers at Duke University, as much as 40 percent of our daily actions are simply habits; a collection of routines we each establish to keep life flowing smoothly and automatically. Habit may be an ... Read More »

10 Awesome Animals You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

Amazonian Royal Flycatcher

10 Animals You Probably Haven’t Heard Of Planet Earth is filled with many sorts of strange creatures. Chances are, you probably already know about exotic animals like vampire bats, the flying squirrel, naked mole rat, and others. But, I bet you haven’t heard of animals like the Markhor, Tufted Deer, or Maned Wolf, have you? 10. Amazonian Royal Flycatcher Amazonian ... Read More »

Albert Einstein Quotes

Albert Einstein Quote

Quotes from the Great Albert Einstein Nobel Prize winner Albert Einstein was a German-born theoretical physicist and possibly one of the greatest minds mankind has ever known. Here we have 10 picture quotes featuring quotes from the genius himself. Enjoy! “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” – Albert Einstein “Nationalism is an infantile disease. ... Read More »

50 Unexplainable Vintage Photos

50 Completely Unexplainable Vintage B&W Photos If you’ve got an explanation to any of these, please leave it in the comments below! Read More »

Now It’s Dad’s Turn – Father’s Day From $5-$50

Fathers Day 2013

Your dad is the guy you can count on, the one who always helps you out no matter what and the one who seems to always have the right answers. As Father’s Day approaches, it’s time to recognize him in a special way. And you don’t have to break the bank; there are plenty of thoughtful, unique and interesting gifts ... Read More »